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      MAIN LOBBY:  ("Grand Central Station")


           [A "Valentine to My Dear Friends" (which I'm keeping here year-round!)]

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           About Our Ministry  (of Dave and Barb Shelton):


                     About Barb Speaking


                               Barb's Past Speaking Engagements


                               Barb Shelton's Workshops


                               About Barb Speaking at Own Conference


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           Article Chart ~ This is huge (120 or so articles), so it has its own separate page.  The 

                  non-chart version below serves as the "by-category" version. For a list of the articles

                  in alphabetical order, see the Alphabetized Site Map of the Article Chart.


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           Article Chart:  NON-CHART version!


           Catalog Main Page


                     Legal and Government Issues 


                     Mom's R & R & R 


                     Mom's Spiritual Edification  


                     Parents with Children of All Ages   


                     Parents of Children Age 12 and Under


                     Relationship With and Discipline of Children   


                     Romance and Relationships God's Way


                     Senior and Junior High School   


                                [Book Synopsis Form]


                     Emergency Preparedness


                     Order Form for Ordering Materials from Us (the Sheltons)


           Comments, Reviews, & Testimonies - on Barb's Stuff  (and some on Lifestyle of Learning)


                     Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la - Reader Comments


                     "Four Things I Like Best About Form+U+la" - by Sue Howe


                     A Review of Form+U+la by Julie Lofurno


                     A Review of Form+U+la by Dawn Stringer


                     Lab Science: The How, Why, What, Who, 'n' Where Book


                     Three Testimonies on Barb's Lab Science Book 


                     Barb's Books for Parents with Young Children (Age 12 and under)


                                Samples from my Make-My-Own Phonics Book


                     Field Trips & Extra-Curricular Activities Book


                     The Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind


                     Comments on this Website


                     Comments/Testimonies from Readers on Lifestyle of Learning


                     A Testimony on Lifestyle of Learning - by Karen H.


                     A Review of Wisdom's Way of Learning - by Bev Krueger   


                     A Review of Wisdom's Way of Learning - by Barb Shelton  


           Getting in touch with us:


                     Homeschool Info Line Transcript    


           Help!  I Need to Homeschool and I have NO idea where to start!!! 


           Help!  We're burning out, OD'd, disillusioned; what do we do?!


           High School Homeschooling Main Page:


                     SHF-L ~ Free Email List for Parents of High Schoolers (esp. using Form+U+la)


                                Welcome Letter for SHF-L - by Barb Shelton & Donna Heck


                     "Form+U+la Reflections" - Free Online Newsletter by Barb Shelton


                                Form+U+la Reflections - Issue # 1 - July 1999


                                Form+U+la Reflections - Issue # 2 - August 1999


                     [Articles on Homeschooling through High School] 


                     [Resources for High School Parents & Students! (catalog section)]


                   [] Info on Sr. High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la!

                                (The following are linked from the same page, but under this section:)


                     Table of Contents of Form+U+la


                     Form Index of Form+U+la 


                     Comments and Reviews by Readers


                     New Vs. Old Form+U+la


                     (SAMPLE FORM:) Assignment Check-off Sheet for "Typing"


                     (SAMPLE FORM:) Skills Check-off Sheet for "Home Maint. & Repair"


                     (SAMPLE FORM:) Book Synopsis Form 


                     (SAMPLE FORM:) City Council Meeting Report Form


                     [Article Excerpts from Form+U+la]


                     A Personal Guided Tour Through the Highlights of Form+U+la


                     Lab Science Helps & Resources for Parents!


                  [] Our 2 (very different) Homeschool Graduations: 


                                      Sharnessa's Graduation  (our daughter; in 96)


                                 Tory's Graduation  (our son in 98)       


           (For) Homeschool Newsletter Editors & Website Managers!


           How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Our Website! 


           Intro to Barb Shelton's Homeschool Course (A Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind) 


           Lifestyle of Learning - Main Page


                     Brief Introduction from Barb


                     Q's and A's about Lifestyle of Learning


                     About the Wisdom's Way of Learning Email list  


                     The Heart of True Education (and the L. of L. Message) - by Marilyn H.


                     Walking by the Spirit - by Marilyn Howshall


                     Lifestyle of Learning Retreats (link to Sherri Rimmer's site)


                     The Biblical S.A.T.'s of Learning - by Marilyn Howshall


                     Review of Wisdom's Way of Learning - Review by Bev Krueger


                     Review of Wisdom's Way of Learning - Review by Barb Shelton


                     Excerpts from Marilyn's writings


                     Testimony from a Homeschool Mom


                     Comments from Readers (sent to Barb)


                     Link to a Lifestyle of Learning Website


                     How to obtain books by Marilyn


                     Order Form for Lifestyle of Learning Books  (to mail directly to the Howshall's)


                   [List of books by Marilyn Howshall ~ not at this website; at Kym Frank's ]


           Local Homeschool Main Page:


                     Local Support Groups


                     Upcoming Meetings


                     Homeschool Presentation Night


                                      Homeschool Presentation Night Committee Heads


                                      Heartstrung Treasures (a poem by Barb Shelton)


                     [Link to "Why We Homeschool" article by Kelli Johnson ~ at her web site]


                     [HELP! I Need to Homeschool!" article by Barb Shelton]


                     [Help for Homeschooling through High School]


                     [A Homeschool Graduation! Story and photos]


                     [Articles on Homeschooling - over 100]


                     [Homeschool Info Line - Transcript]


                     Local Homeschool Contacts


                     [Where to Find Homeschool Resources Online  (links to websites)]


                         [Home-Grown Families] 


                               [Homeschool Oasis]


           Love Lullabyes & Jesus Songs for Little Ones Main Page:


                     Intro and Index to Love Lullabyes & Jesus Songs:


                            Starting-Out-Your-Day Songs


                            Songs to Learn With


                            Nighty-Night Songs


           Recipes Main Page:  


                     Recipe Index  


                     January Recipes  


                     February Recipes   


                     March Recipes  


                     April Recipes   


                     May Recipes 


                     June Recipes 


                     July Recipes   


                     August Recipes   


                     September Recipes   


                     October Recipes  


                                Link to Libby's Pumpkin Website


                     November Recipes  


                     December Recipes  


           Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind ~ Main Page:


                     1) Intro to this Season  (same as on  the Article Chart)


                     2) Setting Up Child's Jump(Re)Start Plan


                     3) Getting You Going on Your Season of Re-ed!


                                Course Registration Form


                     4) What Order Should I do This Season In?


                     5) How Much Time Should This Season Be?


                     6) Plan to Invest in This Season  


                     7) Communication With Your Family Is a Must!


                     8) How Can I Make Time for This Season?


                     9) So What's This Course All About?


                     10) About My Prior Video-Correspondence Course


                     11) About Requirements and Certificate of Completion


                     12) If You Start Feeling Overwhelmed


                     13) Course Content Outline


                                 Sample Page from Course (Season) Syllabus


                     14) Where to Get All the Resources


                     15) I Can't Afford to Get Everything for the Course at Once;

                                          Can You Tell Me What I Should Get First?


                     16) Making an Overall Plan for This Season ~and~ Regarding Accountability


                     17) Is This the Same Season as What Marilyn Howshall and Others Suggest?           


          Shelton Family Scrapbook Main Page (Only this page is up; the rest are yet to come!)


                     Dave's Place: 


                                Same thing; but with a written explanation of all the graphics!


                                Written version only (for faster loading)


                                        "My Daddy" - by Sharnessa 


                     Barb: "The Quilt of My Life"  (just one BIG page on me)


                     Sharnessa's Main Page 


                                [Sharnessa's Homeschool Graduation]


                                A little about what Sharnessa is doing now


                                Photos of Sharnessa and her family


                                Sharnessa and Sam's Wedding!


                                V*Enna: The Christian pop band Sharnessa is in!


                                Announcements about Sharnessa! 


                                Comments from people about Sharnessa


                                V*Enna's Tour Schedule


                                List for Updates on Sharnessa and V*Enna


                                Sharnessa's Heart and Vision for the Arts



                                Sharnessa's heart on being a "pioneer" ("Pioneer Girl")


                                Sharnessa's Letter on Romance God's Way


                                Sharnessa's Letter to Dear Abby


                                [Sharnessa's Letter to a reluctant-to-homeschool teen boy]


                                "Honor Thy Daddy and Thy Momma" page


                                          ["My Daddy" - by Sharnessa]


                                          Mothers Day Letter to "Momma" - by Sharnessa


                                [Info on the International Bible Institute of London (link)]


                                How to contact Sharnessa (and/or Sam)


                     Tory's TerriTory (Main Page)


                                Tory's Engagement Announcement


                                [Tory's Graduation from (our) homeschool in 1998]


                                ["5 Myths About Public Education" article by Tory and Barb] 


                                ["Convinced in My Heart" article - by Tory]


                                Tory's Photo Menu


                                Tory's Basketball Notebook - Story & Outline of his notebook


                                Article on Tory in Players Magazine


                     Carlianne's Corner (Main Page)


                                My Collections


                                My Favorite Books


                                Beanie Babies


                                Tiaras & Crowns


                                Favorite Foods


                                Photo Menu


                                Carlianne's Weekly Plan


           Site Map (You are HERE!)


           (The) Storehouse: my favorite inspirational, humorous stories:


                     Computer Humor


                     Just Plain Humorous Stories & Anecdotes


                     Educational Lessons, Stories & Humor


                     Humorously Inspirational Stories & Anecdotes


                     Inspirational and/or Thought-Provoking


                     Christmas Stories & Anecdotes


                     Food-Related Humor Page


                     Y2K Humor Page


                     Y2K: Its Redeemed Meaning 


                     Psalm for Y2K


                     Obituary for the Pillsbury Dough Boy 


           What's New at Our Website!






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