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Welcome to our website!  While you're visiting here, I want you to get the most out of what we have to offer.  There's a LOT here, and I don't want you missing the best stuff for you, or getting overwhelmed, confused or discouraged.  So the first thing I want you to do is to get a right perspective of how to view this website. 


Since there are "different strokes for different folks" I'll let you take your pick from the following "word pictures" depending on what you enjoy most:  reading, eating, or shopping!



Think of this site as a broad resource to go for information, practical help, ideas, and encouragement.  Just as a library has many different subject areas, so does this site!  And hopefully you have access to a nice quiet reading area!



"King's Table" ~ what a great name for my favorite local smorgasbord restaurant, and a perfect analogy for what's offered here. God has set a "banqueting table" before us, full of good and delicious things; and that was my heart in preparing this site for you!


You shoppers may prefer to think of this site as a shopping mall. And there are many shops here! But the big difference is that you don't have to pay for most of what you'll find here!  We do have a catalog of the books we recommend (and I'm sure you understand why we can't give them away!), but the majority of goodies here is absolutely free!


The important thing to remember for whichever of the above three "word pictures" you prefer is that with none of them are you expected to "do it all"!  You'll never read all the books in a library, eat all the food at a smorgasbord, or shop at all the shops at a mall!  But it's here for the taking!



   Confused by this website?


This was written by Teresa Ward,

one of my wonderful online secretaries.



      If you will take a look at the Site Map page, you'll see better how the site is laid out and perhaps find your way to navigate it a bit easier. Barb has several different ministries that are going from this one site. Perhaps if you can see it that way, it will help also.

(1) There is the Article Chart of a great many articles written by either Barb or someone else (that she obtained permission to use) that are helpful to homeschoolers as we develop our understanding in the area of education (discipleship) of our children.

(2) There is information for homeschoolers that live in her neck of the woods. Not only is Barb a homeschool leader internationally, she still is involved in her own neighborhood.

(3) Her "Masterpiece" is the book Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+La and there are many support materials on her site for it.

(4) She has also written many other really good books for homeschoolers, so information & support for all of them are on the website.

(5) You are already aware of the "Season of ReEducation & Renewing the Mind" (SORR) course. All of that information is online at her site.

(6) There are Email Lists for folks using Barb's materials, that are a great source of encouragement for all of us who participate. You are also welcome to join:

(7) Barb has several other interests as well, (just like most of us), and she has some pages dedicated to those things (her family, recipes, & humor) ... which you can easily see as you look over the Site Map.

(8) Oh, yeah. I nearly forgot her Catalog! While she doesn't print a paper copy of what she sells, it's all online there. She has found things that aren't necessarily available elsewhere, but are very terrific materials for us to use. Additionally, she sells most of what is recommended for the SORR course and all of her own materials, too.

The more time you actually spend at her site, the more familiar it will all become to you, and you'll see there is really no other way to organize this vast storehouse of information!
Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. I'm here and always glad to help.
Teresa in WV



   Where I'm at

With Updating My Site


Another thing I want to mention has to do with "new stuff" at my website.  I'm not an Internet Pro, but one thing I have gathered is that the "up and coming" thing to do at websites seems to be to frequently add new things to it.  I understand why.  It's fun to return to favorite websites and see what new goodies they have.  However, I need to explain the purpose of this site...


I'm sure there is much new stuff I'd be able to add, and I will be adding things here and there as I am constantly finding new links and articles, and coming up with new ideas to write about.  But my main reason for having a website is to free up my time. (My main PURPOSE is to minister!  But my REASON for doing so this way is to let me be more truly at home!)  In the creation phase of this website, I spent far too many hours at the computer.  Having this website available had greatly freed up my time as I am now able to refer most of the many inquiries I receive directly to this site rather than having to take so much time to send this information out individually!  It has been wonderful!!!!!!


Keeping a website "updated" takes...  you guessed it, time.  I'm just not wanting to spend the time I'm saving in setting up this website on keeping the site updated frequently.  So if you are a web surfer looking for sites worthy of web awards, please don't feel bad skipping me.  I'll pass on the awards if it means I'm freer to spend more time being a wife and mom, sister and daughter.  I will be adding new things as I'm able, but there will be times when maybe even months will pass before anything new is added.  


To make the process of finding out when something new is here, I have a "What's New" page you can check.  In fact, in the Main Lobby on the link to that page I will always have the date it was last updated so you'll know if you've seen it yet or not!





So How Do I Know Where

to Go Around Here?


The best place to start is with an idea of why you're here.  The following "leads" will hopefully help you figure this out if you're not quite sure:



Are you just out graphic shopping?  Then go straight to my Graphics Credits page which has links to all the great graphic websites from which I got all my awesome graphics!


Are you hunting for some tasty new recipes?  Then start out at my Recipe Main Page where there's a directory for getting to all the months!


Are you thinking about homeschooling, not at all sure you want to do it, but curious and wanting to get a feel for it and more info on it?  Check out the "Homeschooling Basics" area of the Article Chart.  After reading all those articles, you'll want to either read those in most of the rest of the sections or give up on the idea of homeschooling altogether.   ;-D   I have also written an article called "Help!  I Need to (Re)Start Homeschool and I Have NO Idea Where to Start!"


Are you already homeschooling, maybe even for several (many) years, but unhappy with how it's going or the fruit you're seeing in your children and home life? The "Homeschooling Basics" section of the Article Chart is just as much for you as it is for those just considering homeschooling because there are some foundational areas you will need to look into before doing anything else.  But the above-mentioned "Help!" article is for you too!


Are you already familiar with my writing and just wanting to know how to get the stuff?  Browse through our Homeschool Catalog.  We are delighted to say that you can order online at our SECURE online shopping cart! 


Are you not yet familiar with my writing and wanting to hear what other readers have to say about it?  Go to my "Reader Comments" page.


Have you heard of the Lifestyle of Learning message but want to know more?  Or want to find out how to order?  Or want to read a few samples of Marilyn Howshall's writings?  Or want to know about her retreats?  Or want to know how to subscribe to the Wisdom's Way of Learning email list?  Start at my Lifestyle of Learning main page.


Are you the parent of a little one and wanting a means of sweetening your relationship and teaching some fun things in a musical way?  Skip on over to my Love Lullabyes and Jesus Songs pages. Song clips will eventually be there too!


Are you wanting to find out more about the "heart 'n' soul" of our ministry and whether you "connect" with my message?  Go to my About Our Ministry page.


Are you facing a problem with "the authorities" and/or wondering about the legalities of homeschooling?  Before you make another move or decision I highly suggest you read the articles in the "Legal Issues" section of the Article Chart.  What I have to say is not legal advice, but is very important foundational information and food for thought for anyone dealing with this arena!


Wondering what in the world "Edtl" means?  Or why you see different names for me?  Go to "About My Name and Penname" for a quick explanation!


Are you looking for practical HELP for homeschooling through high school?  It's not as hard as you might think!  And so much richer of an experience!  Of course, I'm more than just a little biased; we have now graduated our oldest two, whom we homeschooled from kindergarten!  And I'm thrilled with the fruit in both their lives! ...  Check out my various high school helps, insights, and resources starting at my High School Homeschooling main page, and also see several articles in the "High School Concerns" section of the Article Chart. The very different stories of our two high schoolers' homeschool graduations are at both areas.


Are you in a take-it-easy mood and not wanting to get into anything heavy right now?  Have your heart warmed, your mind inspired, and/or your funny bone tickled over at my Storehouse of Favorite Inspirational, Humorous & Educational Stories & Anecdotes pages!


Are you looking for a fantastic speaker for a homeschool convention or wanting to hear "the bigger picture" of my message in person?  Well, I wouldn't call myself a "fantastic" speaker, but I have been speaking on several areas of vital interest to homeschoolers for about 15 years now.  Start by looking at my About Barb Speaking page.  My "resume" is at Barb's Past Speaking Engagements.


Are you curious about our family and wanting to know a little more about us?  Stop by our Shelton Family Scrapbook for a little glimpse into our lives, our hearts, and our home.


Are you wanting a little "shower of the Word"?  Take a dip in some of My Favorite Bible Verses.  A different one will pop up each time you access this page!


Are you new to the world of Email and a little confused or overwhelmed by it?  I remember the feeling quite well!  That's why I wrote Email 101 just for you!


Have you heard of "real life learning" but can't quite figure out how it fits in with "true education"?  Go to my Real Life Learning main page for lots on this.  Ideas and inspiration too!


Are you wanting to get yourself, your home, and your family better prepared for an emergency or natural disaster better than you are now? Go to either my page on Our Family's Emergency Preparedness Plan or my page of  Links to Emergency Preparedness Websites.


Would you like an everything-on-one-page quick overall view of ALL the pages here at my site ~ and direct links to them?  Go to my Site Map.


Are you sensing a need to see education, your children, your whole homeschooling experience (life, actually) from a different perspective?  You are most likely in need of a Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind.  You'll never be ~ or see ~ the same!


Are you wanting to know of some websites offering help and resources that enhance or complement aspects of my message?  (Some are for homeschool, some for  science, and some for e-postcard sites.)  Check out My Favorite Links page.


Are you intimidated by the thought of doing lab science with your high schooler?  Read and relax at my Lab Science Helps and Resources pages.


Wanting to get in touch with us?  To prevent any frustration or confusion, please read my About Getting in Touch With Us page first.






The pie, planter of flowers, apple, little

houses, and watering can are from:

Helena's Graphic Garden


The books are from:

Melanie's Heartspun Graphics


The pork chop and grapes are from:

Original Country Clipart


The blue bullets are from:

Pat's Web Graphics




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