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...of my favorite inspirational, humorous, and

educational stories from the Internet. I will continue to

add on to these pages as I come across more items

and have time to add them here.



Computer Humor & Anecdotes



Just Plain Humorous Stories & Anecdotes



Educational Lessons, Stories & Humor



Humorously Inspirational Stories & Anecdotes



Inspirational and/or Thought-Provoking



Christmas Stories & Anecdotes (keeping year-round)



Food-Related Humor



Y2K Humor Page (These were too good to just retire after January 1!)



NOTE:  Each of the above pages contains at least

three selections; the latest ones I that I add on "every so

often" will be added to the top of the page.


Now here are a couple more "singles":



Psalm 139 for Y2K (Again, I know you'll enjoy this!)




The Obituary of the Pillsbury Dough Boy





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