Nighty-Night Songs


Sleepy Baby
(Tune: "Halleluia")

Sleepy baby.  Tired baby.
Time for dreaming pleasant dre~eams.
Close your eyes now. Snuggle closer.
[ Daddy/Mommy ]  loves this
[ Baby / Little ]  [Boy / Girl]!

Daddy Loves you. 
Mommy loves you.
Sister* loves you. Brother* loves you.
Grampa* loves you.  Gramma* loves you.

You're a blessing to our home.

( * Use any names and variations child is familiar with.)



Precious Babe
(Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

Precious Babe, my child so dear, 

      Jesus is so very near.
Rest upon His beating heart. 

      Snuggle in His loving arms.
Let me hold you very close,

      As our Jesus holds us both!



Love-Song Lullaby
(Tune: "Today While the Blossoms")

I love you, my [ daughter / baby's name ],
      You're such a sweet girl.
You're Daddy and Mo~ommy's priceless pearl.
I love you, I love you, with all of my heart!
And I am so glad God has blessed

      our hoooome with YOU!

And now, my dear Baby [ son / child's name ],

     It's ti~ime for be~ed.
So close your sweet eyes and lay down your sweet head.
May God's precious angels be near as you sleep.
May all of your dre~eams be sweet.

I love you my so~on, you're such a sweet boy.
You're Daddy and Mommy's pride and joy.
I love you, I love you, with all of my heart!
And I am so glad God has blessed our hooome with YOU!



Lullaby and Good Night
(Tune: "Lullaby and Good Night")

Lullaby, and good night.  I~I love you my [ child's Name ]
Lullaby, and good night, Precious Jesus loves you, too!
For He diiied on a cross, so that you cooould be with_ Him.
And He loves you much more than you'll e~e~e~ever know!

Lullaby, and good night. [ Mommy / Daddy ] loves this sweet [  name ].
Lullaby, and good night. Snuggle close within my arms.
Close your eyes, rest your head, time to go nighty-ni~ight.
Let your heart be at peace, 

      as you slee~ep within God's sight!




Good Night, My Love
(Tune: "Shirley Temple's "Good Night, My Love"

Good night, my Love [ or child's name ],
I love you with all of my heart.
Good night, my Love, a joy to our family you are.
Good night, my Love, sleep well, my Love,
I love you, my sweet Baby...  NIGHTY-NIGHT !

Good night, my Love, so cherished by Jesus,

     He loves you!
Good night, my Love, a lamb in His arms,

     He holds you.
Good night, my Love, receive God's love.
God bless you, angel dreams...      


Good bight, my babe. Sleep well, my babe.
        We love you, angel dreams... NIGHTY-NIGHT!




Rock-Rock, Tick-Tock
(Tune: Original)


Rock, Rock. Tick, Tock. Time to go to bed.
Rock, Rock. Tick, Tock. Rest your sleepy head...

This baby needs to close [ his / her ] eyes,
[ His/Her ] sleepy tired eyes.
Your [ Daddy / Mama ]'s here, so snuggle near. (DO it!)
And Rock-Tick-Tock to sleep!



Daddy God
(Tune: "Jesus, How Lovely You Are")

Da~addy God, I~I rest in your arms
       Jesus just hold me aga~ainst your heart

Spirit, enfold me withi~in your wings.
       You are my place_of contentment and peace.






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