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  by Barb Shelton




"This is the most wonderful,

Godly group of women that I have ever met - online or in person!"    ~ Tina



"I am just really glad to

have found this  list and Form+U+la. Without

them I would be totally drowning in fear and confusion.

Nice to know I have somewhere

to turn."    ~ Robin






WHAT IS IT?  The SHF-L list, short for "Senior High Form+U+la List," is an automated email "list"  or "conference" that is based on my book, Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la. 


AUTOMATED?  What I mean by "automated" is that all the sending of posts is done automatically rather than manually.  For example, you can send a post, the same post in this case, to 50 different people either "manually" by typing in all 50 email addresses you want it to go to; OR you can do it via an automated email list (like SHF-L) by sending it to the hub address where it automatically sends that one post out to everyone who is currently subscribed to that list!  Which do you think is easier!?!  Yes, the automated method!  In fact, having done both, I will never be on a non-automated list again!  People are continually joining and pulling out, and we were continually adding and deleting email addresses.  What a pain!  Thanks to Larry Wilson (a minister) who invited me to be part of this, this SHF-L list was set up (by him) and it's now smooth sailing!


WHO TO GO TO FOR HELP:  Thanks to my dear friends and helpers, Patti and Teresa, the list is continuing to exist!  These two gals are my "list shepherdesses" who act as my "Right Hand (Wo)men."  Without them, I could not continue to be part of the list only because the burden of the behind-the-scenes tasks would be too burdensome.  So if you want to drop them a quick "thank you" for all they do, or if you have any questions about or trouble joining the list, please contact either Patti or Teresa.




Here's a message from Amy,

one of my previous (wonderful) list



The SHF-L list has been SO refreshing,
inspiring, encouraging, helpful, and just plain fun in the years that I've been a part of it ~ those ladies truly are my major support group. The range of wisdom and experience there is astounding, and the ladies are always glad to share!  Barb, her books, and the loop have truly helped our homeschooling to be SO MUCH FUN!  And I have the blessing of a graduated daughter, who (along with her fiancé) is committed to homeschooling her own children, should God give them any. I firmly believe that this would NOT be so if God had not set me in the path of *freedom*, largely through Barb.  ...  And my sons are reaping the benefits also as they enter their high school years... So, although I don't know your particular situation, I have confidence in saying to you, "Be encouraged! This will be GREAT!!" And again, you're invited to come on in and sit down in a comfy chair in the SHF-L cyber-home! 

Amy in WA     





A few e-mails from the list:



To introduce you to this SHF-L email list, I went back through several posts I've saved over the years since we started, and pulled out the following excerpts.  (I have not included any last names to protect the privacy of those who prefer to remain private.) 




I love this list (as well as the other ones based on Barb's message) because I really feel like you all are there for me, for encouragement when I am down, inspiration when I feel
stuck, gentle admonishment when I am in error, and just an all-around friendship, albeit over the web.  When I read your posts I can imagine you sitting at my table having tea or coffee, and us having a nice visit.  I like that.





In addition to her book, Form+U+la, Barb also has an email list that has just blessed the socks off me with the support, encouragement and advice that comes from there. I feel like I have known her for years, she is wonderful and the book is wonderful also. I suggest you go to her website and explore, chockfull of info and you will even see some samples from the book. ... I felt like you did last year [which was overwhelmed and afraid to do high school]; this year I feel great!!







I just want to tell you how much this list means to me. Between this and your books and Marilyn Howshall's Lifestyle of Learning newsletters, my life is being changed and my heart drawn closer to God. I am sooooooo thankful for you and the other ladies on this list. I can read the books and newsletters but unless I have someone to bounce these things off on, I struggle with how to apply the information to my own life and family. I NEED this list!  THIS is my support group!  I am in such a different place than all the other homeschoolers I know that I would be feeling really lonely if it wasn't for this list.  Thank you for spending so much of your time to provide this for us and all your wonderful information and wisdom! You are truly a blessing in my life!







Dear Barb,


Hello... I unsubscribed from all my lists for the summer except yours!!! I love Senior High Form+U+la!  When I go camping I take several books along to read and yours has traveled with me all summer!! Thanks so much.


Love in Christ, Donna J.





Dear Barb,


I attended the homeschool conference you spoke at in June and purchased your Form+U+La Book. I have been reading the e-mails from the Form+U+la list. I have looked up your catalog on your web page at the "Our Home Our School" site. After reading your book I was so blessed. I'm on my second time through and am trying to get what ever I need found and copied and set in order. My 14-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son are in the process of reading your book as well. God is my greatest counselor. In your book you talk about a season of drawing close to God for the purpose of letting Him do a work in my heart and that the season of drawing close may feel a wilderness. I thought that my wilderness season was coming to an end, but when I heard your "Choosing Your Own Sr. High Framework..." seminar and read your book, I guess the Lord is now telling me I've only scratched the surface. From all the discussion I've read on the SHF-L list, and the bit of info in your catalog, I think I need to read Wisdom's Way of Learning next. If I understand correctly, it doesn't apply only to homeschooling but to every aspect of our life as we walk and grow with the Lord. (YES!) I cannot pass on to my children what does not reside in me. Meaning, if it's not in my heart and hanging as fruit on my tree then I sure can't expect to see it in my children. Have I got it? [From Barb:  Yes, dear sister!  You've GOT it!]


Colleen Houger; WA (





Dearest Barb,


I have learned sooo much from you already with your Lab Science Book, Form+U+la, and the SHF-L list. You have no idea how much more confidence I feel now to continue in the way I felt led to mentor my many blessings from the Lord (a.k.a. "children"!)  I had great fears that I would have to resort to textbook teaching (gasp) for the high school years in order to make it work with our very own learning lifestyle. Besides, the lessons I've learned from you are applicable to all my children at any level. – not just high school! I must thank you again for dedicating yourself to this ministry. For those homeschooling with an eternal perspective, your books are such a blessing.


In Christian love, Luz (mom of 6)






How to Subscribe

to the SHF-L List:



To subscribe to SHF-L (the Sr. High Form+U+la List), just send a blank email to (You don't need to put anything in the subject line or the body of the email.)  Shortly thereafter you’ll receive a "Welcome Letter" from me which is automatically sent out to everyone who subscribes.  It's long,    but I know you'll enjoy it!  (One mom told me: "I just read the Welcome Letter, and ... it's great!  I can hear your voice in my head as I read it!  Isn't that funny!?")  Please read ALL of this letter as it thoroughly explains my heart, the list's purpose, the guidelines by which we operate, my and your participation, and how it all works.    If you'd like to read it BEFORE deciding if you want to sign up, click here for the web page version of it!  (The page you are now reading is just a quick intro to the list; this Welcome Letter explains the "whole picture"!)


Anytime you want to quit ~ even right away ~ you can do so quickly and easily!  Simple instructions are at the bottom of each post you receive on the list, so you don’t have to remember a thing!

~ Barb     




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