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1999 (latest) Edition of

Senior High:

A Home-Designed Form+U+la



Section Titles and

Items of Special Interest

All individual forms are listed in the Form Index.

On this page, the page numbers are inside parentheses.

When it says "(start)" that means it's the first page after

(or behind) the title page of that section and

doesn't have an actual page number.)


"Front Matter":

Dedication  (iii)
Table of Contents  (ivvi)
Form Index  (viiviii)
To the Reviewer
(An important note to reviewers or skeptics!)  (ix)
Special Thanks  (x)
With Appreciation  (xi)
Before You Read This Book!
(What you should know)  (xii)
To the Undecided  (xiii)
About the Cover  (xiv)
"Forludection" by Debra Grace  (xv)
Acknowledgment of My Beloved Parents  (xvi)
Jumpstart Plan 
(The Section Before the Book Starts)
Before You Begin
  (in this section) 
Notes and Tips Before You Begin Your Planning  (JP-2)
Step-by-Step Directions to Set up Your Jumpstart Plan  (JP-3)
Sneak Preview of the Bigger Picture  (JP-4)
Jumpstart Class Ideas
[See Form Index for individual listings]  (JP-510)

Section One: Out of Fear and Into Freedom:
Quote of Marilyn Howshall from The L. of L. Approach  (start)
Quote from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers  (I-16)
A Few Q's and A's  (I-17)
On Fears, Goals, and Values  (I-19)
Wisdom's 7 Pillars for True Education (I-21)


Section Two: Requirements, College, Promotion & Graduation:
Article on "Honors Diploma"
What About Requirements? (starts on II-1)
Several Quotes of Helen Keller about College (II-12 and 14)
Requirements for Promotion from Grade to Grade (II-19)
Graduation Stuff (II-26)
Graduation Ideas and Supplies  (II-27)
Sharnessa's Graduation  (II-3031)
Tory's Graduation  (II-3235)

Section Three: Record-keeping System: 

[Please see the Form Index for listing of all forms in this section]
"Pioneer Girl" by Sharnessa Shelton
(and picture of Sharnessa n' Mom) (start)
Record Keeping Stress n' Strain Reducers  (III-11)
"Testimony Time!" from Patti in Florida (III-15)

Section Four: Potpourri of Curriculum Supplements:
Q's and A's relating to this section  (start)
Intimidometer  (IV-2)
Shelton's Theory of Brain Receptivity (IV-3)
Learning Guide Explanations  (IV-526)
Higher Thinking Skills Chart  (IV-12)
"For Mom to Ponder" by Marilyn Howshall  (IV-19)
Important thoughts on "Education"  (IV-25)
Learning Guides Masters
[See Form Index for individual listings.]  (IV-27)
Section Five: Grading Guidelines & Portfolios:
One Homeschool Mom Discovers the Heart of Wisdom's Way  (start)
Grading Guidelines and Considerations  (V-1)
Q's and A's on Grading  (V-4)
Guidelines for Assembling a Portfolio  (V-5)
Quote of Marilyn H. from Develop a Lifestyle Routine: "I found that the only

     schedule..."  (V-7)
Excerpt from Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career & Financial

     Security  (V-8)
The "Grading Criteria & Course Assessment" forms for 19 classes (V-928)
Section Six: Personalizing All this Stuff: 
Encouraging Letter to Reluctant Homeschool Boy; From Sharnessa (start)
The Shelton Family Back-to-Basics Schedule  (VI-1)
One Actual Basic Schedule  (VI-2)
What You'll Find in Sections 6-A through 6-D  (VI-46)
Section 6-A - Formulating Your Framework:
Misunderstanding the Lifestyle of Lrng. Message by Luz Marina Lovins 
Content-Based Framework Explanation  (VI-A2)
Goal-Oriented Project-based Framework Expl.
(Mary Schofield's) (VI-A3)
Time-Based Framework Explanation  (VI-A3)
Time/Competency-Based Framework Expl.
(Diana McAlister's)  (VI-A4)
Time/Content-Based Framework Explanation
(Barb Shelton's) (VI-A4)
Unit-of-Life Project-Based Framework Expl.
(Marilyn Howshall's) (VI-A5)
Goal-Oriented Project-based Framework Samples
(Mary Schofield's) VI-A6 & 7
Time/Competency-Based Framework Samples
(Diana McAlister's) VI-A8 & 9
Time/Content-Based Framework Samples
(Barb Shelton's) (VI-A10 &11)
Unit-of-Life Project-Based Framework
(Marilyn Howshall's) (VI-A12 &13)
Formulating the Time Aspect of Your Framework; Steps 18 (VI-A1429)
Excerpts from a Mother's Day letter from Sharnessa to me  (VI-A24)
But Does It Work?  (VI-A30)

Section 6-B - Designing Your Classes:
"What is Real-Life Learning?"  (start)
Quotes of John Taylor Gatto
(woven throughout text on pages...)  (VI-B1,2,8)
Three Class-Creating Approaches Overview
(starting on page...)  (VI-B8)
Quote of Marilyn H. from Get to Know Your Child  (VI-B9)
Collect and Construct Approach (VI-B10)
"Blessed are the Flexible" Quote of Cathy Duffy  (VI-B12)
Priority Appropriation Approach  (VI-B14)
"Community Service" Quote of Diana McAlister  (VI-B14)
Dissect And Distribute Approach  (VI-B18)
"Insights On Credits" Quote of Mary Schofield  (VI-B23)

"Dual Enrollment: A Homeschool Option?" by Barb (VI-B24)

Perspective from a Homeschool Mom on Dual Enrollment  (VI-B25)

Schofield Family Basic Skills List  (VI-B26)

Qs and As on Designing Your Classes  (VI-B2729)

Quote of Marilyn Howshall from The LO L Approach: ("Many of the principles outlined...")  (VI-B29)

"Delight-Directed Study" by Gregg Harris  (VI-B30)

"Delight-Directed" Marilyn Howshall  (VI-B31)

"A Brief Intro to Delight-Directed Learning" by Barb Shelton  (VI-B32)

Conversations on Figuring Classes, Hours and Subjects  (VI-B33)


Section 6-C - Organizing Your Materials:

The Wisdom of Noah Webster Excerpts from Advice to the Young  (start)

"Sharnessas Day in Court"  (VI-C1)

"Shelton Family Memory Page" of Photos  (VI-C7)

Photo of all five of us (Just a snapshot I had to include!)  (VI-C10)

List of Class Titles  (VI-C13)

Quote of Ellyn Davis: "Relationship Skills, Life Skills, Acad. Skills (VI-C14)


Section 6-D - Completed Class Plans

A Panicky Moms Questions, and Donna Hecks Answers (start)

Qs and As About These Forms  (VI-D26)

Completed Class Plans & Explanations [See Form Index for indiv. listings] VI-D7

Email 101 (for you newbies)  (VI-D25)

Photo: Tory examining a dissected cow eyeball  (VI-D56)

Photo: The Shelton Family doing "Homestyle P.E."  (VI-D64)

Cultural Literacy Resources (A discussion of them)  (VI-D8283)

Testimony Tidbits from a Recovering Hmscl. Mom (anonymous) (VI-D84)


Section Seven: Lifestyle of Learning Applications

"The Heart of This Message" Marilyn Howshall  (First & Last Pages)

Qs and As about adopting a L. of L. at the high school level (VII-211)

"Three Levels of Learning" by Barb  (VII-13)

"Skeptic Turned Believer" by Pam Heath  (VII-18)

"Finding Him As I Seek" by Pam Heath  (VII-19)


Section Eight: Resources, Reviews, & Glossary

"What Curriculum Do You Use?" - by Barb  (start)

Homeschool Resource Companies  (VIII-12)

High School-Related and Legal Resources  (VIII-3)

Handy, Pre-made Catalog Request Notes  (VIII-4)

A Letter about Form+U+la from Sue Howe  (VIII-5)

A Review of Form+U+la by Julie Lofurno  (VIII-6)

Info and Explanation on the SHF-L (Sr. High Form+U+la) Email List  (VIII-7)

What to Do About Lab Science?!?!  (VIII-89)

Homeschool Guide-a-log Write-up and Comments  (VIII-10) 

Glossary of Terms Used in This Book  (VIII-1112)




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