A Personal Guided  Tour

for Pre-Highschoolers

(and Non-Homeschoolers)



the Highlights of



Senior High:

A Home-Designed Form+U+la


by Barb Shelton






From Barb...


         As I talked with homeschoolers with younger children, I realized that there is much in the latest edition of Form+U+la that is completely applicable to them. However, I haven't felt comfortable just handing them a copy and telling them to read it because there is also much in there that they don't need right now ~ that they'd have to sift through, and at the risk of getting overwhelmed. 

         So I went through the book with a fine-tooth comb and designed a "Personal Guided Tour" through the book which serves as an excellent "open door" into our ministry for anyone with children from "in utero" up through right-before-high-school-age. It's also good for family and friends who just want to know the heart 'n' soul of what we do, and why and how we do it. My hope is that it will be more than just "informational," but that you will also find it edifying, eye-opening, and encouraging.

         One mom told me this:  "It is my opinion that anyone at any stage of their homeschool experience should read Form+U+La this way the first time. It isn't as overwhelming this way. Once you have a handle on Barb's heart & on a Lifestyle of Learning, then you can read the whole book." ... So that's something else to consider!  But any way you do it, I hope you enjoy the process of getting through this book!  It's not just a "to do"; it's going to profoundly affect your "to be"!    "Who you are" and "how you think."  Because what you think IS the direction you will go.


DIRECTIONS: First, copy and paste just the list below into a new document, and then print it out.  Fold and use as a bookmarker.  Sit down with this book and a cup of tea, and imagine that we are going through the book together, with me pointing out different things ~ via the list of page numbers ~ that I think would be good for you to read.  Even though I'm not right there with you, remember that the Holy Spirit IS! ... BTW, there is nothing to click on in the list of page numbers below; you just find these in your Form+U+la book. The boxes on the left are to check off once you've read that part.






  Front cover - the best part of the book, in my humble opinion! 
  Page ix - "To the Reviewer"
  Page xii - "Before you read this book!"
  Page xiii - "To the Undecided"
  Page xiv - "About the Cover"
  Page xvi - "Acknowledgement of my Beloved Parents" 
  Sections 1 & 2 - Almost all  (You'll especially enjoy the Homeschool Graduation stuff!)
  Back of Sec. 3 title page - "Pioneer Girl"
  Page IV-2 - "The Intimidometer" section 
  IV-3 - "Shelton's Theory of Brain Receptivity"
  IV-8 - "Dog Report" (thought you'd just get a kick out of this; be sure to refer to the picture mentioned at the end)
  IV-19 - "For Mom to Ponder"
  Back of Sec. 5 title page - "One Homeschool Mom Discovers the Heart of WWOL"
  V-7 - From "Develop a Lifestyle Routine"
  V-8 - Excerpt from "Uncle Eric" book (very interesting! Not really on the topic.)
  Back of Sec. 6 title page - "Encouraging Letter to Reluctant Homeschool Boy" by Sharnessa
  Pages VI-1 through 4 - our family schedule ;-) (both are probably surprising)
  Back of Sec. 6-A title page - "Misunderstanding the Lifestyle of Learning Message"  
  VI-A~18 - "And speaking of 'food for thought'" in the box at the bottom
  VI-A~24 - "Dearest Momma" (from Sharnessa) 
  Back of Sec. VI-B title page - "What is Real-Life Learning?"
  VI-B~1 - at least "Getting Unprofessionalized" 
  VI-B~8 - "How will they learn to read?" and...
  VI-B~9 - "Get to Know Your Child"
  VI-B~12 - "Blessed Are the Flexible"
  VI-B~14 - "Community Service" 
  VI-B~29 - "The Lifestyle of Learning Approach"
  VI-B~30 - "Delight-Directed Study" by Gregg Harris
  VI-B~31 - "Delight-Directed" (what that term means) by Marilyn Howshall
  VI-B~32 - "A Brief Intro to Delight Directed Learning"
  Back of Sec. VI-C title page - "Wisdom of Noah Webster"
  VI-C~1 - "Sharnessa's Day in Court" 
  VI-C~6 & 7 - box in lower right corner of 6 and the pictures on 7
  VI-C~10 - Just the picture! 
  VI-C~12 - Bottom 1/3 of page 
  VI-C~14 - all
  VI-D~14 - box at bottom of page
  VI-D~34 - "Sharnessa's Heart and Vision for the Arts"
  VI-D~40 - "Hey, Why Not?"
  VI-D~56 - picture in lower right corner of page
  VI-D~64 - picture and caption
  VI-D~70 - picture and caption
  VI-D~74 - picture and caption
  VI-D~84 - all
  Back of Sec. 7 title page - "The Heart of This Message" (continued on last page of this section)
  Section 7 - All  (it's WELL worth it! Only a little won't apply to you now.)
  VII-13 - "Three Levels of Learning" (still part of sec. 7, but I don't want you to miss this!)
  VII-18~19 - "Skeptic Turned Believer" and "Finding Him as I Seek" (also part of sec. 7, but do NOT skip these!)
  Back of Sec. 8 title page - "What Curriculum Do You Use?"
  VIII-10 - whole page
  VIII-11 & 12 - "Glossary of Terms" (You'll enjoy this whether you read the whole book or not!)
  Inside back cover - "About the Author" (a little about me, if you want to know) 
  Back cover - All 








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