New vs. Old

Edition of Senior High



"If I have a previous edition of

Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la,

do I really need the new one?"


Answered by:

Barb Shelton

(the author, so this is

gonna be REALLY biased!)




More specifically, here are a couple of ways I've received this question:


"I'm confused...  I have been using Barb's original Form+U+La book for about 6 years now.  I am wondering about the "new" version...  Do I need to purchase another book to get all the good new stuff or is there an addendum available?"


And another mom asked:


"Are we hopelessly "out-of-date" with an earlier edition?  (She had the 1993, 2nd printing edition)


No, you're not out-of-date, but I have done two updates since the original 3-ring book, for those of you who have or have seen that. If you have a softbound copy, that was actually the second edition; that came out in 1996. (Ignore the "printing" info; that was just how many times it went to press.) Here's the scoop on what was published when...
1993 - I came out with the original 3-ring edition of Form+U+la.
1996 - I came out with the first revision, which was done in softbound, no longer available in the 3-ring notebook.  Just too labor-intensive for us to produce!  (as WE did it ALL ourselves!!!  And we decided that there was more to life than stuffing notebooks!)  (I also came out with an Addendum to the book that I sold for several years, but no longer produce or carry.)

1999 - I came out with the newest revision of the book!  I did not do an addendum for this new one as there's just too much woven all through the book to be able to do that this time. Not only would it be impossible (like trying to pull the eggs out of a cake mix batter you've already mixed), but even if I could, it would be too costly ~ as much as the cost of the book itself.


In a nutshell:  Whatever is in any of my earlier books is not outdated; the old book has now just been added to, re-written for clarity, and/or re-formatted to get more on one page, more and new ideas, etc.  A more complete or accurate a picture is presented in the new because we've now lived it; it's not just our "vision."
I think the best way to tell you what's in the new Form+U+la is to give you the new Table of Contents and the Form Index.  From those you'll be able to see many of the differences, though the Table of Contents is a VERY sparse description of what all is really in it. So go and take a look at both of those, and then click your "BACK" button to come right back here.


Next, here are some specific...


Features of the NEW edition of Form+U+la:
The biggest addition is Section 6-D which is a very full expansion of the 98 Addendum. All the forms are there (which were about 48 of the pages) plus descriptions of everything, more in-depth than what I did on the list, but not tons more.
There are also several pictures woven in all the way through, (black and white), and lots of stuff from the list. 
There are many testimonies, examples, and Question and Answer sections, most of which originated here on the list and from letters I've received. 
I've added some excellent new stuff to section two on college and requirements.
I've woven in quotes of several of my favorite authors.
The cover is full-color -- several photos of our family! ... including Tory playing basketball, the fetal elk dissection, a School Biz crafts class, Sharnessa dissecting a worm, Tory comb-binding our books, Sharnessa in an "Angel Dance" performance, one of her skiing, and a few others. (These alone would make it well-worth getting a new book!!!! ;-D )
I completely re-wrote the Lifestyle of Learning section and added in material I have been saving and writing over the past several years. (Q & A's, testimonies, etc.)
There's an Acknowledgement of my parents and a b/w picture of my parents, me and my 5 sisters. (Mom was really tickled about this!  )
The font in the old edition was 12-point; in the new one it's 10 or 11-point, so I got a lot more in.
Everything has been re-formatted and is now in 2-column format; the margins are smaller, so even more is on each page!  (But the columns make it easier to read.)  I re-did many charts and diagrams to look more professional.  (I learned a lot in the 6 years since I wrote it; but don't get your hopes up; I'm still "me" and it's still a home-produced book!)
I took out several of my old really dumb and/or corny jokes.
I added in a lot of new really dumb and/or corny jokes.
I "completed the vision" that I presented in the original.  In the original I said things like "We plan to..." "My hope is to..." and in the new one I said "We did this and that... and here's how it turned out"!!!!     So I share a lot of the fruit and final (thus far) products! What a JOY!
There's also  a "Q and A" page that Donna Heck (my original "List Shepherdess" for the SHF-L) answered!!!
There are several pages of pictures of Tory and Sharnessa's graduations and samples of their invitations and program!


So is it worth getting a new one if you already have the old one?  Before *I* answer, let me tell you what one mom said: 


"I just bought my new 1999 book from Barb after getting a second-hand 1996 one. I love the 1999 one.  It's very worth it.  I am about 3/4 of the way through, and my heart is light, and my spirit is singing."



You can probably see why there's just no way I can answer that question as I don't know what you need or like or value.      I really doubt that you wouldn't gain much from it, (and if you value pictures of my family, it'll be really worth it!)  But ask, and then hear God!  He knows!


Want to order the latest

             version of the book?!? 


Click here (or click on the book cover!) to go that page of our online catalog!  Please note that the second item down on that page is the same book, but $3 cheaper ~ for a "slightly damaged" copy.  And then below that you'll find several CD's of forms that are in ~ and go with ~ the book!!




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