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A Time to Seek God

All the Math You'll Ever Need
American Covenant Series, The
America's God and Country
Battle for the 21st Century
Choosing Your Own Sr. High Framework & Filling It With Good Stuff

China Cry
Compact Classics
Cultural Literacy
Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
Evolution of a Creationist
Experiencing God
From Heart to Page
Generic State History Book???
God's Little Lessons on LIFE

Great American Bathroom Books
Growing Little Women

Heart of True Education, The
Heroes of the Faith Biographies
High School Handbook, The
(just a note about it)
The High School Years: Preparing Heart 'n' Soul 'n' Guts
History via the Scenic Route

HomeschoolJumpstart Navigator forJr./Sr. High (included in latest edition of Form+U+la ~  the only one we carry!)

Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook
Homeschooling the High Schooler
(just a note about it)

How to Study the Bible for Yourself
Lab Science: The How, Why, What, Who 'n' Where Book
Lyrical Life Science
Out of Fear & Burn-out; Into Freedom, Focus & Refreshment
Private Eye
Screwtape Letters, The
Secrets of Great Communicators

Secrets of the World Changers

Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la
Stepping Heavenward
Tortured For Christ 
Understanding the Times
Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
V*Enna CD
Washington State History & Gov't: The Search-It-Out Route
What in the World's Going on Here?







Season of Re-education &

Renewing of the Mind:


Green = Foundational Portion (for everyone)


Red = Younger Portion (12 and under)


Purple = High School Portion (12 and up)


(If a quilt piece is inside parentheses, that means that

this resource is one of a few options in the course.)




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"Where I Wanna Be"




Parent Helps

for High School Planning

(Kids may want to read these too!)


Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la - written by Barbara Edtl Shelton (the one who created the website you are now at; so the heart of the philosophy is the same as what you find here!)   I will let the words of Reneι, a homeschooling mom, serve as a brief intro to the book:



      "There are a few books that I have seen on high schooling, but, to me, there is no comparison to yours. I believe yours is far above and beyond anything out there."      

~Reneι; a homeschooling 

mom in Washington State


 Here are a few other comments and reviews that will give you quite a panoramic "view" of the book:      


Comments from

several happy readers


Review by Julie Lofurno


Review by Dawn Stringer


   "Four Things I Like Best About

Form+U+la" by  Sue Howe



The tendency at the high school level is, as one homeschool mom said, to "just buckle down, take the textbooks by the horns and just DO it!"  But as this mom sadly added: "The joy went right out the window!" For those just starting out, and even for seasoned homeschoolers who, up until high school, have taken a more creative approach, this book is oozing with inspiration and practical HELP for homeschooling through high school: record-keeping ideas, what to do about requirements (and make them serve your and God's purposes, not just you serve them!)  Here are some comments from homeschool moms about this book...  




      "I hate to think of what our homeschooling life might be like now if God had never led me to this book."     

~Amy Beckel; homeschooling 

mom of 3 for 10 years,WA






     "Thanks again Barb, for this wonderful book. (Form+U+la)  My husband and I did our class schedule of hours last night for our daughter, and the form makes the hours/content SO easy to see at a glance!! We both could CLEARLY see it all laid out. (My husband was impressed.)  We LOVE the charts. I am so much a chart/ list person. ... I am HIGHLY impressed with your chart making ability.  ...  I REALLY love your humor. As so many moms have said already, it is just like we are talking to each other in person. I love that in a book. (And a person).  ...  Since we started homeschooling, we always knew we would homeschool through high school. Not even second thoughts about it.  Your book sure is making that easier for us!"

~Karla Getz; homeschooling 

mom of 2 for 5 years; TX 




The book also shows, step-by-step, how to translate real-life learning into senior high classes and credits, how to set up your own high school Master Framework Plan, creative grading guidelines, masters for transcripts and diplomas, learning guides for many subject areas, complete how-to's for setting up a student notebook, and many many samples to use as bouncing-off points. (See the box entitled "People Ask..." directly below the write-up on the "Choosing Your Own Sr. High Framework" tape set for some thoughts on getting my tapes and/or book.)  

(425 pages; Softbound)  $28.95



And here is one last comment from Amy...


"The money I paid for the

Senior High Form+U+la book has been repaid MANY times in:
~ curriculum I didn't have to buy

~ ease of record-keeping and course planning

~ ability to document our "real-life learning"

~ peace of mind and heart

~ inspiration and encouragement

~ my own "education about education"

~ friendship & fellowship with other like-minded moms

~ wonderful homeschool years with my children

~ and just plain fun

Can you tell I'm enthusiastic

over this book?!

~Amy Beckel; homeschooling 

mom of 3 for 10 years,WA





This next resource

(here in this box) is needed only

if you do NOT have the

latest edition of Form+U+la,

the one I came out with

in 1999, and it's the ONLY

one we carry!


(It's the one pictured above in the

write-up, with full-color pictures on the cover.

There's only one, so if your book looks like the one

above, then you have the latest version.)



And if you do NOT have the newest edition,

it would probably very well be worth your money to get the

new one! But only YOU can decide!




To help you make this weighty

decision,  I have written an article called

"New vs. Old Form+U+la"

which I highly suggest you read before

purchasing the following two items:



Homeschool Jumpstart Navigator for Jr./Sr. High by Barbara Edtl Shelton.  (This is the companion book for those needing to start or RE-start homeschooling now; you need this book ONLY IF YOU HAVE AN OLDER EDITION OF FORM+U+LA, ONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE PHOTOS ON THE COVER.) Designed to be used in conjunction with Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la, not alone, this booklet gives several ideas for starting your teen onto a plan of learning ~ a good mix of real-life activities and academics ~ to get them jumpstarted into senior high. This also gives time, if needed, to "decompress" from school burn-out, freeing up some time for, and giving direction to, the parent as they set out on a season of re-education. (If you want to get started in a lab science, (see below) you'll need to buy Lab Science: The How, Why, What, Who, 'n' Where Book, but 6 other subjects can be started without it.) This booklet is included in the Homeschool Guide-a-log.   

(8½ X 11" / 22 pages / Comb-bound)  $3.00 





     This is going to be a bit confusing,

so if you're tired, please get some rest, and

then come back and read this!



Out of Fear & Burn-out;

Into Focus, Freedom & Refreshment


True education is so much more than mere academics! And until we understand what it really is, we will operate out of fear rather than wisdom. In this workshop Barb will help you discern ~ and follow ~ the voice of the Lord for your own family over the many loud voices of the world. With vulnerability and humor, she offers much spiritual and practical encouragement, research, examples, and scripture verses that will release you from fear and intimidation of homeschooling through high school and help keep you from missing out on God's richest blessings for you and your student!  The two tapes total about 3 hours. Handouts are included. You are free to share this with your support group!  (See the box below for some thoughts on getting my tapes and/or book.)  This one long seminar has now been broken down into two workshops and renamed:



~ and ~


(At some conferences, this has also been called "DELETING THE FEARS FROM THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS".)


We apologize for the confusion, but "Out of Fear..." was taped 6 years ago (as of 2003), and as my speaking and workshops developed and (hopefully) improved, I realized different titles would be better.  However, since this is part of my Homeschool Course (also called my "Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind"), and is listed in the Course Syllabus, I needed to keep the original title here as well.  Again, I'm sorry for the confusion!  It's all part of "growing pains"!    Please see the next two resources...  

The Heart of True Education

(Part I of "Out of Fear...")


Before you go one more inch on your path of homeschooling, make sure you are headed in the right direction! And because the primary purpose of true education is "preparing us for the works God has prepared beforehand that we may walk in them," what's "right and best" will be different for each family and each child. A generic, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter education does not, indeed, fit all! Broadening your view of "education" and getting a scriptural "God' eye view" of it is essential to making homeschooling all that it can be! You will save yourself hundreds of dollars in unused, misused or overused curriculum, and years of frustration! Too many people find out too late that they were on the wrong path! You have only ONE chance with your kids. God is a redeeming God (the theme of my LIFE!), but He doesn't time-warp us back to the infant stage to start over. We need to be seeking the heart and mind of God on this NOW.  (1 Tape/Handouts/ 1 hour)

TAPE $6.00

CD $8.00 [coming soon]




The High School Years:

Preparing Heart 'n' Soul 'n' Guts

(Part II of "Out of Fear...")



(This is actually Part II of "Out of Fear & Burnout."  Part I ~ "The Heart of True Education" ~ is foundational to this workshop!)  ~ Does the thought of homeschooling through high school give you the shivers every time you think of it? Whether high school is still several years away or you're already DOing it, you don't have to continue to be plagued by fear any longer! Deal with the myths, intimidations and misperceptions head-on, and once and for all! It takes some time to go through this process, so do yourself a favor and get thinking about it EARLY ON.  The focus for this workshop is high school concerns ~ which are best to get OUT of the way as early on as possible ~ we will NOT be focusing on "high school how-to's."  It is the fears at this level that are delved into, like the diploma issue, can I do this, will my child be missing out. With these fears dealt with (a clean swift "death blow") you will be free to approach high school with vision and confidence! (1 Tape/Handouts/ 1 hour)


CD $8.00 [coming soon]





Choosing Your Own Senior High Framework & Filling It With Good Stuff by Barb Shelton. (Audio tape set) First, three methods are presented for designing a high school framework along with considerations for helping you decide which will work best for you and your student. Many practical tips and ideas for designing your own classes using student experiences, non-traditional and traditional resources, and your own priorities, in whatever combination seems best to you. Also: how to figure credits; many ideas for real-life learning, documentation of experiences, creative grading, record-keeping. Based on the book Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la ~ and is a good audio-intro to it!  (See the box below for some thoughts on getting my tapes and/or book.)  

(2 Tapes / 3 hours / Handouts) $10.00 



"So are your

tape sets included in




I will start to answer this question with some comments from Peg Rockwell who says it better than I could...


     "If you thought you had the best with Barb's book, Senior High Form+U+la, you need to get one of her tapes (or all of them). Talk about making the book come to life!!  ... I ordered the tapes/handouts to Choosing Your Own Senior High Framework. It came in just a couple of days (Dave is so speedy!), and I can hardly stop listening to it.  I just can't wait to give Barb a big hug when I meet her. It's going to be awesome.  So, if any of you still don't quite "get it" or need a little more help understanding "it", I encourage you to order the tapes. Barb's message comes to life so when you are listening to her speak while looking at the handouts/pages. It's the best! ... We are having so much fun homeschooling, and we owe it all to God, Barb, and you here on the SHF-L List!!! 

~ Peg Rockwell



From Barb now:  There is quite a bit of overlap between tapes and book, but not everything. I would personally get both, and here are several reasons why...  (besides helping to fund our ministry and keep us able to continue serving you!


For one thing, and maybe this is just me, but I really like hearing ~ as in their voice ~ an author that I connect with. There's just something that comes through the voice that doesn't come through in the written word. (Though I have made a valiant attempt at making my writing as conversational as possible, probably to the point of being downright obnoxious! ) Then after I've heard them on tape, I can "hear" them all through the rest of the book...

But with these seminars, there are a couple other advantages to having the tapes...  


One is that if you know someone whose high schooler is struggling, and they're *thinking* about homeschooling, or maybe they're not even thinking about it, but you KNOW it's a huge likelihood that God's trying to lead them that way, they will often listen to a tape where the book would only intimidate them at this point.


The other advantage is that you can play this at a support group meeting, or with just a few friends and actually have a seminar right there!  Much cheaper than bringing me there! 


Or if you want your state support group to bring me to their convention, that's the tape I send them; which *I* can do; you don't have to send them yours.)


Now here are some comments about the tapes from Peg Rockwell followed by Amy Beckel...


     "What I have found to be the greatest benefit in at this stage is "Choosing Your Own Senior High Framework and Filling It With Good Stuff!" Barb includes a great outline, handouts, and two cassette tapes. It's probably not anything that isn't in "the book," but it just gelled for me hearing her speak and looking at the forms rather than just reading it myself. And I just love being able to pop the tape in when I'm in the car and need a lift. Hearing Barb's voice does wonders for me when I'm having a challenging "homeschooling moment."
      I can't even image what our schooling season would be looking like had God not lead me to Barb's materials. This past year was definitely one of the best we've ever had! Thanks again, Barb!

In His Love, 


And now here's what Amy Beckel said in response to Peg...


      "I have both the Out of Fear and Burnout" tape set and the "Choosing Your Own Senior High Framework" tape set. I agree with Peg about their value...  I've been homeschooling for 10+ years, and I've been reading Form+U+La for about 5 years, so am fairly familiar with Barb's message and style. Still, the tapes are a real help and "addition" to what she writes.

      It's fine to read the books and look at the forms and study them myself...  I can do that, and in fact I really love to do that. But it's also wonderful to hear Barb and look at the forms right as she's explaining them. And although there is some overlap with the tapes and the books, there are many different forms, different wordings, new stuff, etc.  I've found that I learn better when I can hear the same message in different ways, know what I mean?

~ Amy in WA




Homeschooling the High Schooler by Diana McAlister and Candice Oneschak. This book gives many ideas for "core" and "non-core" content elements of many high school classes, plus the authors' rich backgrounds of having worked with hundreds of homeschooling families through their "Family Academy." They offer insight, tools, help, inspiration and their own wealth of knowledge. ... Diana is a very dear sister in Jesus, and was the first speaker I ever heard on the topic of homeschooling through high school!  She opened my eyes to a new way of looking at education, and inspired me to move past my fears!


NOTE:  This book is required reading for my course (if you have a child 12 or older), but we have discontinued carrying it.  However, we still just-as-highly recommend it!  So you may contact the author directly by email to find out the current price and how to order. Or call 1-888-729-1065.  (It was $24.95 as of Summer 2003.)




This next book is "in the same boat" as the above ~ as in we highly recommend these books, and they are part of my Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind, but we no longer carry them ourselves.



The High School Handbook by Mary Schofield. This book is an invaluable tool for planning and structuring your high school courses!  It also contains many practical usable ideas and forms, helpful information and tips, and much encouragement. Mary is a popular speaker on homeschooling through high school and has helped equip many parents to DO IT!  You need more than just one person's (i.e. my) ideas and perspective as you formulate your own, that's why I recommend both this book and the next one for anyone doing high school on their own.


NOTE:  This book is required reading for my course (if you have a child 12 or older), but due to unworkable (for us) wholesale/retail terms, we have discontinued carrying it.  (This is NOT a reflection on the author.  Mary is WONDERFUL!!!)  So please contact them directly at  562-864-2432, or email them to find out the current price and how to order.  





Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook
by Cafi Cohen. I *thought* I was ordering another one by her called "And What About College," but got this instead! I can send them all back, but thought I'd at least check on the list here first to see if any of you are interested in getting these. It actually looks very good, IF you have a student who is college-bound. On the back it says:

~ Decide what type of college is right for your homeschooler

~ Develop the proper college preparatory curriculum for your child

~ Learn what colleges expect from homeschooled applicants

~ Prepare your homeschooler for the admissions process

"An outstanding resource for homeschooling teens and their parents. With its invaluable resource listings and handy checklists, this book will allay many of the concerns of college-bound homeschoolers."  




Note from Barb regarding

   resources that focus on college prep...  


My focus is not on "preparing for college."  However, it does need to be "part of the picture" for those who have a pretty good idea that college is where your student is headed, then I say GO FOR IT! Get 'em prepared!  BUT! ~ keep God's vision for your student uppermost in your heart and mind so that what's on HIS agenda for your child doesn't get lost (trampled, smothered) in the process of the almighty college-prep stuff.  If your child is going to college, then yes, they need to be prepared, and this book will greatly help you in getting them there. But college or no college on the horizon, keep your eyes affixed to the One who holds their future in His Hands.  






Parent Helps

for Specific High School Classes

(though students can use portions of these as well)



Lab Science: The How, Why, What, Who 'n' Where Book by Barbara Edtl Shelton. (Lab Science and General Science)


Testimonies from three homeschool moms


Reader Comments on this book


This subject has probably intimidated more people out of homeschooling to graduation than any other, yet it can be one of the most enjoyable, life-enriching areas of study! This book gleans from the wisdom of many science and homeschool "experts" and draws from Barb's "master form designer" abilities to give rich food for thought in formulating your priorities for your lab science class.

      Here's what Cindy, a homeschool mom, said about it: "I've only read part of it so far, but it's even got ME excited about science!! It is giving me all kinds of ideas of things to fill in our high school framework. As usual, she takes the fear out of something by giving us the tools with which to lead our children in the way God is pointing them. Thanks, Barb. Also, as usual, the price is way less than you would expect to pay for something with this much helpful info in it!"  The book contains sample frameworks for many lab science areas, ideas, and record-keeping forms to help you coordinate or create your own course, as well as more traditional resources to draw from, if you prefer. As is happening with Cindy, it was designed to replace the "jitters" with delight and direction! 

      Here is what Patti, one of my (wonderful) online secretaries, said about it:  "This book gives you the necessary forms for designing a course, and forms for recording the students work in a meaningful way. You only need one copy of the book for your use. The students will not need their own copy. (But as a parent, I would want one for my own continued use after the course was done.)  With this book you can pull in useful information from magazines, interviews with experts in the field, and lab work. It will help you to plan and organize the course, as well as set criteria of expectations. And it will give all the background material needed for a Christian perspective in studying lab sciences.

(165 pages) $11.95 




Private Eye by Kerry Ruef. (Science, English, Art, etc.)  On the back of the book it says: "The Private Eye is a program about the drama and wonder of looking closely at the world, thinking by analogy, and changing scale. It's also about theorizing. Designed to develop higher order thinking skills, creativity, and scientific literacy – across subjects, it's based on a simple set of "tools" that produce "gifted" results. Hands-on and investigative, The Private Eye, using everyday objects – a jeweler's loupe and simple questions – accelerates science, writing, art, math, and social studies... It builds communication, problem solving, and concentration skills." This book is ideal for any student, but also particularly helpful for the unmotivated student, or a student who is burned out on school or too much "school at home"; great as part of a "Lab Science Survey" course. Can be used at all levels, K–12, but particularly junior high and high school. It is not Christian, and has an evolutionary slant, but "to the holy all things are holy," so I don't have a problem with it; I use what I want out of it, how I want, correcting any "inaccuracies" along the way, which is teaching my kids to be discerning of what they read – a skill they'll need to develop before they leave our home. You will need at least one loupe per child and, since they are so inexpensive, they are very affordable!

Book $19.95   

Loupe $3.95 





Great Stuff for Your Student!

(i.e. "Curriculum")


(Each of the subjects is listed in its own box below.)




English / Literature:



Compact Classics ~ Also known as The Great American Bathroom Books; these are the same exact books, just two different titles for different audiences. ("Compact Classics" does sound a lot, well, classier, than "The Great American Bathroom Books," right?!?! )  There are three volumes so far. Each of these three thick books is packed with 2-page synopses – or summaries – of many great classic and contemporary literature. I used these for "Literature" and had our kids do a "Book Synopsis" on each one (he ended up doing over 70!), which is a one-page form I designed specifically to go with these books that gave him a format for doing a concise report on each one.  (See my ACS ("Assignment Check-off Sheet," a.k.a. "Class Plan") for "English II: Literature and Speech" on page VI-D-31 of Form+U+la.  The "Book Synopsis" is on page IV-31.)  Our son did over 70 book synopses and actually enjoyed doing them!  I absolutely love them!  One homeschool mom said: 


      "We have used these books for the past three years (since I read Form+U+la) and we love them!  My boys aren't readers but they will read these. I figure they are at least exposed to some ~ or many (depending on how many they do) ~ great works even if they haven't read them completely. We also use them as a brief intro before we watch the story on video. For example, when we watched Hamlet, we read the synopsis on it. This was a tremendous help in following the story when it was difficult to get into the flow of the language!"  Another mom said: "We also use them a lot as a preview to see if there is enough interest before delving into the book itself. This is not a problem with those who enjoy reading (like me) but I have to be choosy for my boys who believe reading is the next thing to taking castor oil!  "


      One mom expressed to me her concern that if a two-page synopsis of a book is read, it might only "inoculate" the reader, and lead them to think that they really don't need to read the whole thing, now that they have read the synopsis. We didn't find this to be true at all!  There are so many "classics," there is simply no way any one person has time to read them all! ~ even in their lifetime, let alone in the short high school years! 

      These Compact Classics, then, allow the student (or ANYone!) to get a basic idea of what many of these books are about. This gives them a good overview, and also acts as a "filter" that enables them to better determine which ones they do and don't want to read. For instance, after our daughter had read the synopses on "The Diary of a Young Girl" and "Malcolm X", the next thing I knew she had brought these books home from the library. Another synopsis revealed that that was one book, classic or not, that I did not want our kids reading!  At least not at this age! (I'm not going to say what it was as it may be one of your favorites!) Here are descriptions of each of the volumes:



Volume I:  Has 130 easy-to-read, yet comprehensive book summaries including: Business and Leadership; Personal Effectiveness; Pioneers in Science, Leaders in Crisis, Artists and Philosophers, Inventors and Innovators, Leaders of the Spirit. The literary classics include 5 synopses in each of the following categories: Reflective Realism, Heroic Epic and Allegory, Historical Fiction, Symbolic Characterization and Thought, Adventure and Intrigue, Science Fiction, Social/Political Commentary, Shakespearean Tragedies, Shakespearean Comedies, Human Drama, Philosophy, and Examining Relationships. Then there are 20 "Modern Literature" synopses, and several under "Health and Fitness," "Word Power," basics of how 5 major sports are played (including basketball which our son was playing and which greatly helped me understand the game and was a help to him in writing his "Basketball Notebook!)  



Volume II:  The "Drama Through the Ages" section of this book contains: The Greek Legacy, more Shakespeare, Classic Opera, Classic Drama, Twentieth-century Stage. The "Literary Masterpieces" section contains: Short Story Collections (including O. Henry), Children's Literature (including The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, Charlotte's Web), Adolescent Classics / Coming of Age, On the American Frontier, Danger and Romance, Moral and Social Explorations (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Oliver Twist, The Red Badge of Courage...), Wit and Wisdom (Life With Father, Life With Mother, Short Stories of Mark Twain) and several others. Also has large sections on Poetry, Religions of the World (which we used for social studies), and a bunch more!  



Volume III: "delves even deeper into the world's great literature, facts and phrases, while offering distinctive libraries devoted to "People, Places and Times (histories) and current social "Issues and Insights." Rounding out the 180 book overviews are additional biographies, self-help books, and historically significant speeches. ... You will get miles and miles and miles of use out of any or all three of these books!!!  




(These synopses can be used for many other subjects as well!)



English / Speech:



Secrets of the Great Communicators Revealed - "Simple, Powerful Strategies for reaching the heart of your audience" - by Dr. Jeff Myers. Speaking: The secret fear that prevents 95% of American from achieving their goals and influencing others. Anything produced by Jeff is not only good, it is excellent. He and is wife, Danielle, wrote Of Knights and Fair Maidens and he currently speaks all over the country particularly on topics concerning leadership and communication. This resource is his latest, and comes with two videos and a book, which look great!!! Jeff is so fun to listen to and watch! He's funny, yet also very deep, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Kids listen to him. (So do adults!) I quote Jeff: "The dynamic secrets of great communicators have equipped me to think quickly on my feet...win elective office...meet and persuade powerful people...take charge in meetings...and hold my own at business and social gatherings. I live a much more meaningful and satisfying life. I'm a better father and husband (my wife agrees). I don't shrink from challenges. But that transformation from terrified teen to sought-after communicator took nearly a quarter of a century. I want to help you achieve the goal of effective public speaking in hours, not weeks, months or years." Includes 2 videos (six video coaching lessons) and a power-packed 200-page coaching manual. Here is a review I (Barb) wrote for Jeff about this resource:


Review of

"Secrets of Great Communicators"


Review by Barb Shelton


       In his video-seminar presentation of "Secrets of Great Communicators," Dr. Jeff Myers not only speaks about speaking, but speaks volumes more about speaking by *showing* rather than just telling. He gives us everything we need ~ in a very well organized and thorough manner ~ to take us OUT of fear regarding speaking, PAST confusion about how to create and present a speech, and INTO the place where this actually becomes FUN ~ for even for the most "speechaphobic" person!
       And this seminar is not just for those who speak in front of audiences. Indeed, I enjoy speaking, and have been doing so before homeschooling audiences for 20 years now, and I still gleaned MUCH from this seminar!  But most who watch this video will be at an earlier place on the road ~ simply wanting to be able to just walk to the podium without fainting or wanting to crawl inside it, and to open their mouth and have something (intelligent) come out! If you identify, there IS hope for you! And Jeff gives it to you here ~ in the form of practical tools you will be able to grasp easily and implement immediately! And this is no dry seminar! Jeff is a pleasure to listen to and learn from!

       If you are a Christian, like it or not, God *is* going to use you to touch the lives of others.   He has three main ways of doing this: via the written word, via the spoken word, and via acts of service ~ which are really just "words in action"...
      ...For those sensing that God is going to use you in the "spoken word" arena, this seminar will give you tools and inspiration to hone your talent ~ rather than leaving it buried in the deep dark crevices of your heart where fear lurks, and keeps the "treasure" God has placed within you from being unlocked and released to accomplish His purposes in His Kingdom!
      ...For those who will never speak before a formal audience, Jeff's practical tips and insights will still help you tremendously in just being able to put your thoughts together in normal conversation and present yourself graciously and favorably. This skill alone will take you far in life and in achieving success!
      No matter what you do in life, unless you become a hermit and flee to a cave for the remainder of your days, you will end up communicating. Whether that's in a livingroom talking one-on-one, at your job discussing a problem with a co-worker, or sharing your heart before a live audience of a thousand people ~ Jeff will help you learn how to do it more easily, fluidly, effectively, and, yes, even enjoyably!





Secrets of the World Changers :
How to Achieve Lasting Influence as a Leader.


The twentieth century was a century of contradictions: rapid technological advancement and terrifying weapons of destruction, economic prosperity and severe depression, the spread of democracy and the ugly face of totalitarianism. Meanwhile, many Christians have retreated in fear, seeking a personal sense of peace and happiness rather than opportunities to make a difference. After ten years of study into the nature of leadership, the inescapable conclusion is that God uses ordinary people with ordinary gifts to make an extraordinary impact on the world. The world's greatest leaders have not necessarily possessed amazing talent, boundless energy or smooth social skills. Secrets of the World-Changers is a six-part video series which will show you how to break through the personal and societal barriers that prevent you from making a difference in the world.


You'll learn:

~ The secret of how leaders expand their influence by practicing servant leadership

~ Practical steps you can take to discover a powerful strategic vision for your own life

~ Awesome truths which will inspire confidence in your purpose in life

~Strategies for overcoming stress and achieving equilibrium in everyday circumstances

~ Methods for organizing your life to enhance your personal influence

~ Remarkable truths which will help you become more than a conqueror


Review by Jack Rantz, Chaplain, Grace College of Winona Lake, Indiana:" Our school is making an intentional investment in the lives of our student leaders so that they can reach a level of maximum effectiveness in influencing others for God. Because of its solid scriptural basis and practical relevance, Secrets of the World-Changers is the foundation of our training."

Six-Part Video Series Plus 75-Page Study Guide.


From Heart to Page by Michelle Van Loon.  Encouraging children to keep a journal seems like such a good idea. It offers them a chance to express themselves, sharpen observation skills, and respond to what God is doing in their lives. But too often, the suggestion to "write in your journal" or "do a journal entry" is met with "But I don't know what to write."  That's where From Heart To Page comes in!  This easy-to-use booklet has 120 journal or essay writing prompters!  Some are observation oriented, some offer the opportunity to capture dreams and ideas for the future on paper, some are focused on service towards others, and still others are focused on spiritual growth and development. A parent can plug From Heart To Page in at any time and simply check off each day's assignment in the book as it is completed. A complete introduction offers guidance, and the simple format makes this accessible for students across the age spectrum. This booklet makes an excellent complement to any language arts approach and is just the resource to provide the spark to turn writing from chore to joy. Appropriate and adaptable for beginning all the way through advanced (high school) writers.  Most ideas are universal; the student will respond according to their own skill level.

(32 pages / Staple-bound)  $7.00






All the Math You'll Ever Need by Steven Slavin. Here's what one homeschooling mom said about this book:  "I found a wonderful book called All the Math You'll Ever Need by Stephen L. Slavin.  It was a success and gave her a good grounding.  This year she wanted to attempt Algebra and we are finding that now she is actually able to comprehend it." "Completely updated and redesigned to be upbeat, encouraging, and non-intimidating ~ topics cover the basics needed in everyday life, such as multiplication and division, discounts, and interest rates. ...  A sharp mind, like a healthy body, is subject to the same rule of nature: Use it or lose it. Need a calculator just to work out a 15 percent service charge? Not exactly sure how to get the calculator to give you the figure you need? Turn to this revised and updated edition of All the Math You'll Ever Need, the friendliest, funniest, and easiest workout program around. In no time, you'll have total command of all the powerful mathematical tools needed to make numbers work for you. In a dollars-and-cents, bottom-line world, where numbers influence everything, none of us can afford to let our math skills atrophy. This step-by-step personal math trainer:

~ Refreshes practical math skills for your personal and professional needs, with examples based on everyday situations.

~ Offers straightforward techniques for working with decimals and fractions.

~ Demonstrates simple ways to figure discounts, calculate mortgage interest rates, and work out time, rate, and distance problems.

~ Contains no complex formulas and no unnecessary technical terms.

(240 pages / Softbound)  $16.95










Evolution of a Creationist by Jobe Martin. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gen. 1:1) "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows forth His handiwork." (Psalm 19) "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has shown it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen. Being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse; because that, when they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, neither were they thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:18–22) "There is a way which seems right to a man, but end thereof is death." (Prov.14:12) Jobe Martin has an amazing gift for recognizing the obvious in God's creation. His book is "a condensation and simplification of more than twenty years of studies that moved me from unquestioning belief in Darwinian evolution to undoubting trust in the special six-day creation by God as presented in the Biblical account."  





Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis Petersen. This is one of the best, most enlightening, well-documented presentations of the "creation science" messages around!  And NOW the book has recently been totally revised and is even BETTER!!!  It's now full color ~ every page! ~ and beautifully illustrated!  Very understandable and even enjoyable for teens, even as young as junior high! Comes in both audio tape and book form.  The book is totally appropriate for both junior high and high school.  Sharnessa read it a second time, a couple years after her first-time-through because she WANTED to; she said it presented the message in a very clear way and helped her figure out what she wanted to say when this topic came up in conversation, especially with people NOT of this mindset/belief!!!  The tapes are wonder-fully appropriate for all ages!  (We LOVE Dennis Petersen; if you can ever get to one of his seminars, you will too!!!!!!!) 

 Book (full-color! / 200 illustrated pages) $32.95 

  Audio (8 tapes come in cassette case) $32.00 





Lyrical Life Science - This is a wonderful resource for science!!!  I am using this for part of Carlianne's "Basic Scientific Literacy" class, which was part of the "whole combined picture" for two credits of science which I called "Lab Science Survey / Basic Scientific Literacy." See pg. VI-D~57 of the new Form+U+la. The explanation of that class is on the facing page. And, as with any explanation of my class plans ~ also called ACS's for Assignment Check-off Sheet ~ I highly recommend that you read ALL the explanations of ALL the ACS's. They explain the heart 'n' soul of everything I present on the ACS's and will: 
1) help you *not* get freaked out by all that you see on the ACS, and...
2) help you figure out how to personalize it for you, or even just come up with a similar format for a totally different class, or totally different content than what I have for a particular class. (Remember, my stuff is designed to FREE you!!! NOT bind you!)
Lyrical Science will replace Usborne's "Essential Biology" in our ACS. Yes it is presented in a more "youthful" manner, but know what? It's the same material as is in the Usborne book (we skipped over the highly technical stuff that only a scientist would need to know anyway), but it's just presented in a manner that's not only lots more fun, but also more "memorable."
Their motto is "Promoting scientific literacy through song" ~ and that's exactly what this resource does! The idea is that all sorts of basic scientific information has been put into song form ~ old patriotic, folk and camp songs that everyone's familiar with. Each song focuses on a different concept, and each is packed with information that's otherwise hard to remember. For instance:











to the tune of

"La Cucaracha"


Immune system, with your lymph system 
will your enemies attack 
With the white blood cells, the leukocyte cells 
that will destroy and turn them back 

A germ is like a cucaracha 
That would love to live inside ya 
But white blood cells just won't allow it 
and when discovered will destroy it 
Bacteria or germ, pester 
Like with splinters when they fester 
Your body calls on the white blood cells 
Just to help you in those sick spells 
There's several kinds of the white blood cells 
Phagocyte with macrophage cells 
Their enemies they love to eat 'em 
Wherever they hunt as they meet em 
The lymphocytes include the T-cell 
Messengers to all the B-cells 
B-cells can make the antibodies 
That match and remember germ armies 
The lymph is watery fluid 
With white blood cells in a liquid 
Bathing tissues, then as it flows 
Gets purified in all the lymph nodes 
Lymph system is a sewer system 
For all the tissues cause it cleans 'em 
It moves the waste into lymph vessels 
That move with no pump but with muscles









If you have ~ or want to download (free) ~ RealAudio and would like to hear one of the songs, The Scientific Method, click on that link. ... Now just as a warning... The songs are not of a "listening pleasure" nature. In other words, you don't put these in to just listen to like you would, say for example, V*Enna!    (Actually, I can't just listen to V*Enna, except the slower songs; I HAVE to get up and exercise or do housework!)  They're what you might even call "cheesey," but boy do they work!!! In fact, that's exactly WHY they work!!! They are very catchy! And they are just plain FUN!!!!!! (Can you tell, I am totally enjoying ~ and learning LOTS from ~ this!?!?!)
Now, some of you might have kids who think they are "too cool" for this. Tell them to at least give it a chance. Pick out one or two of the songs at the Lyrical Life Learning website, have them listen to them a few times (they just have parts of the songs, but you'll get the idea), and then see what they remember! I have a friend who had a 13-year-old son who is the epitome of "Mr Cool." And he ended up LIKING it because it helped him remember a lot of basic scientific facts, which he needed because he wants to go into the Air Force and, up until then, had been overwhelmed with trying to learn this stuff!  So, cheesey or cool or NOT, the bottom line is you LEARN! (And I bet he actually enjoyed it in the process!!! I know WE are!)
As you know if you've read my Lab Science: The How, Why, What, Who, 'n' Where Book, I don't believe that everyone needs the same depth of experience in science; it depends totally on where you're headed. But I do believe a good "basic foundation" is tremendously helpful to anyone, not to mention just plain interesting. It's good to know some basics about biology ~ the study of LIFE. This is what I call "Basic Scientific Literacy" and this Lyrical Learning program is a fun, easy-to-remember, and inexpensive way to get that! 
Because all the pictures in the books are black-and-white drawings, it is helpful to pull out one of your books containing color photos. I'm using an Eyewitness book called "Life" which has excellent pictures in it. (Dorling Kindersley books are great too!) So when we see a drawing of something ~ like a cell or protozoa ~ in the Lyrical Learning book, we'll look up the same thing in photo form (or good full-color illustration) in the Eyewitness book!
Another resource I'm incorporating into this study is one of my (and Sharnessa's) very favorite books called America's God and Country compiled by William Federer. This is one thick book PACKED with hundreds of quotes of famous people: scientists, statesmen, etc. 
Here's how I'm using it... The first chapter of the first Lyrical Learning book (vol. 1) spoke of Louis Pasteur, so I looked him up in America's God and Country and read quotes of him to Carlianne. (I sell that on this page of my online catalog, about 4/5 of the way down that page.) These give more of a glimpse into the "heart and spirit" of these people, not just what they did.
OK, back to Lyrical Learning... There's a textbook ~ which I read aloud to Carlianne; VERY interesting, and much more info than is in the songs. And there's a student workbook ~ which I still do with her, but wouldn't have to (do with her), and then there's a CD ~ the songs of which complement the reading in the text and help the student retain the basic facts.  (They do also come in audio tapes, but we are no longer carrying those.  Visit the Lyrical Learning website to order from there.)
As any of you who have read my stuff and/or been around for a while know, we sell the resources that are our own favorites. And this is one we are now selling!!! Here are the prices: (And this is per volume, which there are three of; more on that in a moment.)

1 Text, 1 CD and 1 Student Workbook ~ $29.50 

Yes!!! ~ Those prices are for ALL THREE items: the textbook, AND the CD, AND the student workbook!!!  And they are good-quality books!!!  There are three volumes: (same price for each volume): (The write-ups on these were written by the producers of it.)

Lyrical Life Science Volume 1
We often call this volume 1 as it was the first set before we knew you wanted us to keep writing. We informally title it "Bacteria to Birds" as it covers many diverse topics such as: the scientific method, characteristics of all living things, vascular plants, algae, fungi and non vascular plants, invertebrates, birds, and several types of microscopic organisms. Here are the song titles, which are the areas covered:

1. The Scientific Method
2. All Living Things
3. Invertebrates
4. Coldblooded Vertebrates
5. Birds
6. Algae and Fungi
7. Vascular Plants
8. Protozoa
9. Genetics
10. Viruses
11.Oh Bacteria

Singing these songs is an easy way to learn about smaller but important aspects of life science. 


Volume 1:

1 Text, 1 CD and 1 Student Workbook ~ $29.50 



These next two volumes, 2 and 3, we are no

longer carrying, but still just-as-highly recommend!

You may order them at the Lyrical Learning website

as we are now carrying just Volume 1.

We are happy to promote

them here, though!


Lyrical Life Science Volume 2 
Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes

Lyrical Life Science Volume 2: Mammals, Ecology and Biomes continues our biological study by focusing on mammalian classification and characteristics of each order. 

You'll understand the framework scientists have developed and relied on for centuries as they study this diverse group of animals, and you'll be able to apply that knowledge as you observe mammals around you. You'll also learn about biomes, the climatic regions of the world were mammals live. You'll understand how well all the mammals of this diverse class fit together when you study ecology--the relationships and interactions such as food chains, food webs, and energy cycles.  Contents:
1. Mammals
2. Monotremes and Marsupials
3. Carnivores and Pinnipeds
4. Ungulates
5. Primates
6. Rodents
7. Rodent-like Mammals

8. Bats
9. Insectivores
10. "Toothless" Mammals
11. Whales
12. Sirenians
13. Single Family Orders
14. Ecology One
15. Ecology Two
16. Biomes


Vol II

1 Text, 1 CD and 1 Student Workbook ~ Order at the Lyrical Learning website as we are now carrying just Volume I.

Lyrical Life Science Volume 3:
The Human Body

Lyrical Life Science Volume 3: The Human Body studies one of the most interesting mammals of all! You'll go through all the body systems and understand the interrelationship between them. Because this involves more complicated material (such as the immune system) we think you'll want to save this set for the higher grades. But, then again, if you use it with a unit study approach you can dig in earlier. 

1. Introduction to the Human Body
2. The Skeletal System
3. The Muscular System
4. The Nervous System
5. The Sensory System
6. The Reproductive System
7. The Digestive System
8. The Excretory System
9. The Circulatory System
10. The Immune and Lymph Systems
11. The Respiratory System
12. The Endocrine System
13. "Ologies" (the study of)   



1 Text, 1 CD and 1 Student Workbook ~ Order at the Lyrical Learning website as we are now carrying just Volume I.








Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. This book is not the same as the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. Rather the topics and definitions, this book is a discussion of the bigger picture: the decline of, the need for, and the road back to cultural literacy. Newsweek said of it: "In this forceful manifesto Prof. Hirsch argues that children in the U.S. are being deprived of the basic knowledge that would enable them to function in contemporary society. They lack cultural literacy: a grasp of background information that writers and speakers assume their audience already has. Thus, even if a student has a basic competence in the English language, he or she has little chance of entering the American mainstream without knowing what a silicon chip is, or when the Civil War was fought."  Okay, now as homeschooling parents Hirsch's book does more than lament and exhort: it tells exactly what the basics are and exactly why it's necessary to get back to them."  





China Cry ~ by Nora Lam with Richard Schneider.  This is (from front cover of book) "the true story of a woman who found the courage to love and the strength to survive against all odds.  (On back cover:)  "China Cry is the true story of the love, courage, and struggles of one woman ~ Nora Lam ~ whose Christian faith leads her to make the ultimate choice between live and death.  Set in China some thirty years before the bloody Tiananmen Square massacre, this sweeping drama portrays the harsh reality of the repressive Communist regime and Nora Lam's indomitable will to survive."  [From Barb now:]  I read this aloud to Carlianne when she was 15, and we both found it hard to put down!  It is eye-opening and riveting!  When we were finished with the book, we watched the movie by the same title. (And we were glad we read the book first as there is MUCH more in the book than in the movie.  By reading the book first, we were able to formulate our own pictures in our minds about everything rather than relying upon the movie's images.  It's fine either way, but we just liked it better this way.





Heroes of the Faith Biographies There are several titles in this series, but here are plenty to get you going! Biographies of Christians are excellent for character development (and deepening) and are a good way to learn history in context and on a personal basis. Great for junior high or high school. 

Corrie TenBoom (helper of the Jews; prison camp survivor) $3.97

Jim Elliot (husband of Elisabeth; missionary to Ecuador)  $3.97

Mother Teresa (selfless servant of the poor and needy) $3.97

C.S. Lewis (great author and Christian thinker) $3.97

Sojourner Truth (former slave; abolitionist) $3.97

Martin Luther (great church reformer) $3.97





Spiritual Studies: 




Tortured For Christ  by Richard Wurmbrand. This is the amazing testimony of a Rumanian pastor who was imprisoned for fourteen years, and led his torturers to Christ by his love for them. Pastor Reb Bradley says of it that, "next to the Bible, it is the most important book you will ever read."  This book is an excellent "eye and heart opener" for a bored, self-centered teen; a faith-deepener for one who is already walking closely with the Lord.





Vanya by Myrna Grant. It is books like this one and Tortured for Christ that will help teens see further than their own world that is often narrow and self-centered. This book majorly and deeply impacted me many years ago, in my mid-twenties, and, even though it tells of the trials of a young man in his late teen years who was drafted into the Russian Army and subsequently tortured for his faith, finally to the point of death, God actually used this book to free me from my fear of the end times and persecution! It showed me that the hotter the "frying pan," the more intense the heat and glory of God's presence and intervention. What the enemy deemed a tragedy and victory in reality served to reveal God and turn many to Him who would otherwise have never seen Him. And the "visit to the outskirts of Heaven" that an angel took Vanya on was profound for me.   





The Screwtape Letters  by C.S. Lewis. On the back of book it says:) "Set against the background of World War II, this ingenious work of "diabolical ventriloquism" presents an eye-opening look at the way we live our lives – then and now. Clever, inventive, humorous, it exposes human weaknesses and foibles with a gentle probe. The infamous Screwtape's logic is startling, and his counsel to the young tempter Wormwood, who prefers "spectacular wickedness," is for practicing the subtleties of evil – because the safest road to hell is "the gradual one."  





Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. Subtitle: "One woman's journey to godliness"  "How dreadfully old I'm getting! Sixteen!" writes Katherine in her new journal on January 15, 1831. Follow her on her poignant journey from sweet 16 to adulthood as she struggles to become obedient to God's will. Her discovery that true happiness comes from giving oneself to others will immeasurably enrich your own spiritual walk.   





Growing Little Women - by Donna Miller. (Two editions: One for older girls; one for younger; explained below.)  The subtitle of this book is actually the best way to describe it!  "Capturing teachable moments with your daughter."  On the back cover it says: "It seems that just yesterday you cuddled your baby girl. Your heart filled with hopes and dreams for her future, and you wanted to give her everything she would need to live a fulfilling life and grow to love God. But season followed season, and now her years under your wing are suddenly half over. As she blossoms, you can't help wondering: Am I sharing my insights and experiences with her?  Am I preparing her to become a godly woman?  Am I establishing a bond that will smooth her passage to womanhood?  This book is designed to capture those fleeting moments before she becomes a woman. Within these pages you'll discover engaging stories, fun activities, and lessons on life to be shared between a ... girl and her mother, grandmother or mentor."  (FROM BARB:  It actually says a "9- to 12-year-old girl" but believe that, for homeschoolers who are not as "worldly wise," this book is appropriate for a 10 or 11-year-old all the way through high school.)

       Gloria Gaither says: "There is no richer or more significant time in the developing relationship between a mother and daughter than the years of later childhood and early teens. If mothers and daughters can hold each other close, then they will likely be best friends for life. Growing Little Women is a wonderful collection to build ladders of communication and weave from the fibers of devotion strong ties that bind."

       Please note:  There are TWO versions, as listed below.  If you do not specify which one you want, (for younger or for older) we will automatically send the older (11+) version.


Growing Little Women (for 11ish+)  (Both versions are wire-bound) $12.95

Growing Little Women for Younger Girls (Age 10ish and under) $12.95




How to Study the Bible For Yourself by Tim LaHaye.  Your high schooler could do a whole credit in "Biblical Studies" with just this one book!!!  Chrissy (our daughter-in-law, our son, Tory's wife) is already quite a ways into it and is absolutely LOVING it.  She has been wanting to study the Bible, and this book is giving her the practical "how to" and structure.  Here are the chapter headings:

1 )  You Can Understand the Bible!


2 )  What Bible Study Will Do for You


3 )  How to Read the Bible - including "What to keep in your Spiritual Diary"


4 )  Methods of Bible Reading


5 )  What to Read in the Bible


6 )  The Bible: The World's Greatest Library


7 )  How to Study the Bible by Books


8 )  How to Study the Bible by Chapters


9 )  How to Study the Bible with Subject Analysis


10 )  Tools for Bible Study


11 )  Hermeneutics


12 )  Accelerating the Learning Process


13 )  It's a Matter of Time


14 )  How to Disciple Yourself Through Bible Study


15 )  How to Disciple Others


Doesn't that look GOOD?!?  The book also several worksheets and sample pages. This book is for ANY level from junior high, to high school  and, of course, on through adult!!! 





A Time to Seek God by Francis Frangipane. From the booklet: "There are certain times when the Lord calls us out of the routine of our daily lives. These are special seasons where His only command is "Seek My face." He has something precious and vitally important to give us that the familiar pattern of our daily devotions cannot accommodate. During such times, people are often delivered of sins that have plagued them for years; others discover a depth in their walk with God that leads to greater effectiveness in ministry and prayer (and Barb adds "and in home education"!); still others experience breakthroughs in their families and are used by God to see loved ones brought into the Kingdom." 






Gift Item for Graduates: 



God's Little Lessons on LIFE ~ for Graduates - This is a beautiful gift for graduates!!!  Get this for your Grad before graduation and count it for "Life Skills," "Building Life Relationships," or "Spiritual Studies"!  This book contains wisdom on many of life's challenging areas like Loneliness, Peer Pressure, Money/Materialism, Death, Failure, Worry, S_xual Pressure (and many more) with several sayings and proverbs on the left page, and then an inspiring story to illustrate or bring home the point on the right side!  Beautifully and artistically presented, it is 3/4-inch thick, gold edged pages, 4-inch by 7-inch ~ and perfect for either guys or gals. I really liked the Straight From the Heart for Graduates gift book that we offered last year, but when I went to order more and (sadly) found that it was discontinued, I had to look for another to take its place. When I found this, I was not only delighted, but like it even better!!!  It's what we are giving all seven of the grad's we know, with a little cash tucked inside.   






World History

and Government:


History via the Scenic Route - 4-audio-tape set by Diana Waring.

(On back of tape case:) "Are you tired of "force-feeding" history to your children? Does history make them yawn? Does facing another year of endless facts, figures, names and dates make you weary just thinking about it? ... Diana Waring will take you on an extraordinary learning adventure as she teaches you how to make dead, dry facts come alive! You'll learn how to make history your child's favorite subject as the two of you go on a journey together, "meeting" and "interviewing" the men and women who made history through their literature, art, music and science. Refreshing, practical and inspirational – Diana's knowledge of history is amazing; her enthusiasm contagious!  (Yes ~ for the kids too!  [Four 60-minute tapes in an attractive case]  





Understanding the Times by David Noebel. Dr. Tim LaHaye said of it: "Today's Christian youth are not being destroyed because secular humanism is superior, but because they are not exposed to the biblical alternative, which makes much more sense. This book provides that alternative in an interesting and convincing manner." (On back:) "The modern Christian is constantly bombarded with ideas, worldviews, and opinions from every direction. Many of these viewpoints are offered as ideal solutions for the pressing problems of our day, but at the core they are anti-Christian – and frequently we are not even aware of it. How can we tell which views are biblical and which aren't? How can we understand the times in which we live? ... This book will help you... see what is really happening in our world, and why; Know the Christian response to the most urgent ideas and issues of our day; Gain a  new confidence in your ability to take positive and effective action in the world around you. This is the 'story' of the Biblical Christian, New Age, Marxist/Leninist, and Secular Humanist Worldviews." ... This book comes in two different levels, the abridged version being more for junior high level, and the unabridged version (900 pages!) for high school, college and adult. However, I know a homeschool mom who has been reading through the unabridged version with her ninth grade son (who is "your basic ninth-grader") and they have both been doing just fine with it (and enjoying it greatly too); so that tells you how "understandable" it is. Here's what one homeschool mom, Carol Schoen, said that this book presents "...all the ins and outs of what is out there to be confronted in the world and how to stand up to it. My daughter went to Summit in Colorado with Dr. David Noebel, the author of the book, and read the entire reading list he gives the kids, as well as the whole Understanding the Times book. She has used it a lot for her college classes to defend her positions, and also a lot in witnessing to people who bring up all sorts of questions and reasons why they "can't" believe in Christianity. The reason why people say this is the most important thing they've ever taught their children is because this is real stuff for the world out there. Conceivably a person can get by if they don't know history, or if they're lacking in science or literature, but Christians need this stuff. Send your kids to Summit, also, when they're in high school. It will be the best thing you ever did."

Unabridged Version (900 pages) $36.99




What in the World's Going on Here? - Volume I and II - 4-tape set by Diana Waring. (On back tape case cover:) "What in the World's Going on Here? When in the World did that happen? What does history mean? How does the Bible fit in? Diana Waring will take you on an extraordinary learning adventure, revealing Jesus Christ as the centerpiece of all human history, You will explore the Old Testament as the ultimate "textbook" for ancient World History. You'll learn about archaeology, ancient historians, Old Testament prophecies and contemporary research in a style that will help you put world events into a simplified, usable time frame. You'll also discover the centrality of the church in the development and history of Western Civilization. Diana will teach you how to re-evaluate World History from an eternal perspective: God sovereignly ruling over the affairs of men and nations."


Volume I contains 4 60-minute tapes and is $19.95:

1- Creation to the Destruction of Assyria

2- The rise of Babylon to Jesus Christ

3- Destruction of Jerusalem to Fall of Constantinople

4- Renaissance/Reformation to the French Revolution


Volume II contains 4 60-minute tapes and is $19.95:

1 - Napoleon to the American Civil War

2 - Queen Victoria to Teddy Roosevelt

3- Turn of the Century to World War I

4 - World War II and the Rebirth of Israel





U.S. History

and Government:




America's God and Country - Encyclopedia of Quotations by William J. Federer. This is one of those "no home should be without" books! This eye-opening, easy- to- use book is invaluable to anyone! (On cover:) "Highlighting America's noble heritage. Profound quotes from founding fathers, presidents, statesmen, scientists, constitutions, court decisions. For use in speeches, papers, debates, essays." I would say this book is a cornerstone for any U.S. History class!  It's "spendy," but when you see it, you'll know why – its 710 pages are packed with quotes, quotes that will inform, inspire and just plain blow your socks off!  





  * = * = * = * = * = *






The American Covenant Series:


For those who want to see American return to its founding principle, there is no more important tool than the know ledge of America's history. Only in the early history of America and in the writings of its main figures can those principles be found. Marshall Foster has been bringing the true history of America – the history that secular history books omit – to hundreds of thousands through The American Covenant. This is the ultimate tool for those who are serious about recovering the untold story of American's success. The ideas of the founders are alive, and with the truth of American history, you can help reclaim the foundations of liberty.


The American Covenant: The Untold Story; Book

( 186 pages):  $11.00


The American Covenant Taped Seminar; 
(8 audiotapes in case:)  $32.00


The American Covenant Movie

Narrated by Dr. Marshall Foster;

Dramatized by C.B.N. ( Christian Broadcasting Network)
(Video, 52 minutes)  $20.00



Battle for the 21st Century is Marshall Foster's exciting seminar on the development of a family dynasty that will thrive in and beyond the next century. Via Dr. Foster's trademark story-telling style, (that keeps you on the edge of your seat), thousands have already been trained and inspired by the challenge to lay the foundations for prosperity and spiritual renewal in coming generations. Take this powerful seminar home with you and learn how to train unstoppable world changers, how to recapture American manhood and how to expose deceit and reclaim our culture. Those who keep covenant with God WIN! — This is the encouraging promise of this valuable seminar which will only become more indispensable as the next century dawns and the battle begins!

Manual  ( 88 pages)     $13.95

Audio-Taped Seminar  $19.95






And just

for Washingtonians:


Washington State History & Government: The Search-It-Out Route

 by Barbara Edtl Shelton with Leland Edtl, her dad, as historical consultant. A hands-on, feet-on manual to help you utilize the resources, museums and historical sites around our state in searching out Wash. State's rich history. Easy-to-use with specific how-to's, this manual contains reproducible forms and practical help to help your student set up and produce his own State History and Government Notebook himself; creative ideas for reports and special projects, complete guidelines and samples for organizing your own field trip study group; how to figure hours for course credit; suggested grading criterion; broad study of government. 

(250 pages / 3-ring notebook)  $28.50  



What about that Generic State History Book?  I started putting a book by this title together, but then decided not to do so.  Since several people outside of Washington State have asked me if I finished this book, I thought it would be good to explain what happened...  Early on, while working on the project, I saw an article in a homeschool magazine by someone who had just written a book of almost exactly the same nature as what I was starting work on, so I just bagged the idea right then. What stopped me was my experience with having written another book on Field Trips and another [more popular] author writing one shortly after I finished mine.  That [other, more popular] author got all the business for that topic of field trips, and so that just made it too discouraging to have that happen again.   
      But here's the good news! You would actually still get a LOT out of the Washington book. The Government portion, over 100 pages, is generally the same info for all states.  The only thing you wouldn't use is the Search-it-out sheets and the WA State items page, but the book is huge and you'd be able to use most of the rest of it.  Here's what Amy, my online secretary, wrote to someone inquiring about this very thing...


       My children and I started using Barb's Washington State History: The Search-It-Out Route this spring, and are loving it. We live in Washington, but I do believe that families from any state would greatly benefit from this book. Barb has included many "Search-It-Out" sheets relating to Washington museums, but many of those I don't use "as is", but "tweak" on my computer, since exhibits change so often. There are some generic sheets as well, and I've made up several forms myself, which is what you'd be doing for your own area. It's fun and easy...and of course (as in much of homeschooling) we parents learn a LOT, right alongside our children! As always, Barb's enthusiasm is "catching." You'll get lots of ideas for putting together beautiful notebooks (my senior-in-high-school daughter loves doing it with her middle-school brothers, too!) and for really enjoying what you're learning about history, government, and culture.  Hope this helps you...if you have any other questions about the book, please feel free to email me, OK?



(That's Amy on the right! 

With "Farmer Barb" on the left! 







Here's where you can get V*Enna's CD:


"Where I Wanna Be"


(Click on the cover to go to

V*Enna's official website!)

The girl on the left of the CD cover (to the right) is Sharnessa, our daughter, who was homeschooled from start to finish!  The CD has a variety of songs ranging from slower ballads to bouncy Christian pop.  The music is fun and enjoyable to people of all ages (my mom, age 72, loves it!  And so does my 4-year-old niece!  So do *I* ~ Sharnessa's Mom ~ for that matter!)  The lyrics are wholesome, some being of a more worshipful nature ("Take me all the way to Heaven, I will follow You forever...") and some being of a more encouraging nature, as in encouraging kids (people) to follow God and embrace His will for our lives.  The song titles are below. 


1. Where I Wanna Be
2. Make That Noize
3. Do You Wanna Know
4. Sometimes
5. Hold On
6. Why Did I Let You Go
7. Best Friends
8. Sunshine and Rain
9. Don't Stop
10. All the Way To Heaven
11. Don't Get Left Behind

My (Barb's; Sharnessa's mom's) personal favorites of the above songs are "Hold On,"  "Sometimes,"  and  "Don't Get Left Behind."  I also LOVE "Sunshine and Rain" and "All the Way to Heaven."  CD (which is all we sell) is $12. (They sell it at their concerts for $15, and we wanted to sell it for the same price, which, including the $3 s/h it is.)  

CD ~ $12.00







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