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by Barb Shelton

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Sharnessa Shelton (left) and Lucy Britten (right - in photos above and below) are the two singer-dancer duo comprising the Christian pop band, V*Enna.  (It's pronounced "vee-enna" like the city, but there's no connection.)  The word itself means "white unto harvest," and we believe God is going to use this group in a fresh way to draw many kids to Jesus who would otherwise not hear His message of hope!  The main message ringing in the ears of unchurched kids today is that of the pop stars who are drawing these kids only into sexual immorality and the gospel of "self."  


Speaking of "fresh," their sound is fresh, clear and FUN!  "Pure Pop" as it has been called.  And I  (Sharnessa's mom)  agree!  I LOVE to do my aerobics to several of the songs that are on the CD, the cover of which is shown below right.  However, fear not, this music appeals to much more than biased, 48-year-old moms (and dads)!  You might say it appeals most to early-to-mid teens, but then again, I don't know...  My mom, who's 72, loves their music! (not just her granddaughter!)  And so does my 33-year-old sister, Julie...  And so does Joshua, their (darling, and I'm NOT biased) 7-year-old son, who told me: "I BEG my Mom to rewind it over and over and over!!!"  (He has since gotten his very own CD player, so now he can play it all he wants!)  He, his older brother and their 4-year-old sister know all the words, which means they don't just display the CD; they PLAY it ~ constantly.  So it's really most accurate to just say this music is enjoyed by all ages!

Here's the cover  of the CD which we now sell here at our website!  Click here.  Or at our Catalog Main Page you can click on any catalog page link that has a mini CD cover (like the one to the right) next to it.  (Clicking on the CD cover right here will take you straight to the latest devotion at the V*Enna website!)


If you'd like to hear the songs, see photos, find out V*Enna's U.S., Canadian, or U.K. tour schedule, and read devotionals written by the girls, click here (or on the banner at the top of the page) to go to the official V*Enna website!  (This will take you away from my website, so click your "BACK" button to return!)   I have to tell you...  the devotionals are excellent!!!  Kids ~ of all ages ~ will be blessed by reading them!  (And if you're a parent, they'll bless you too!)  The girls' hearts ~ in their devotionals, at the concerts, in the songs ~ are to draw you to God and into a closer relationship with Him!




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