My Daddy

by Sharnessa Shelton


We are like two peas in a pod; like father, like daughter.


I have your nose, I have your hair (but you are much more handsome now!)


But beyond those obvious things are the memories, and your life,


That you've endlessly poured into mine.


I will forever remember and cherish the times we would snuggle on my


Sinking daybed to chat or nap.


Or the times you were sprawled out on the livingroom floor,


And I would lay my head on your shoulder or chest;


I always felt so secure in your embrace, and I love that, even


Though I am three thousand miles away, nothing has changed,


And I still have that same security, that same feeling.


I will never forget all those clear nights when we would


Lay out on the trampoline to gaze at the vast sky and


Watch for shooting stars, while cuddling in blankets.


(Remember when we saw the falling star at the end of the road?!)


I will forever love your jokes, stories, and your humor,


You make me laugh and smile so much.


I always loved it when you took my hands in yours and we would


Dance around the livingroom while you sang to me.


I so appreciate all that you have instilled in me, to name one of the most


Important ones - an adventurous spirit, which pours into every area of my life.


I admire the man that you are; the loving husband, wonderful father, great friend,


Awesome chef, great sportsman, amazing fix-everything and construction guy, to name a few.


But most of all, I admire your desire for Jesus, and all that you've allowed 


Him to do in you. I am so proud, and always have been, to call you my Daddy.


I love you,



Sharnessa in Dad's lap. (She'll never be too big for this!)

This photo was taken close to the time she wrote the above.


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