Love Lullabyes

and Jesus Songs




The "Love Lullabyes and Jesus Songs" I share with you here are actually songs that I made up the words to for my own children when they were babies. I sang some of these to Sharnessa and Tory when they were tiny (23 years ago!) but made up most of them for Carlianne who is now 14 (as of January 2001) when she was a baby.  The songs are appropriate for newborn ~ even "in utero" ~ up through about age 5. 


The tunes are familiar ones, but I made up my own words to them. For instance, remember the song in the animated movie "Rudolph," called "There's Always Tomorrow"?  The one Claryse so sweetly sings to the dejected Rudolph?  Well, I always LOVED that song, so I re-wrote the words for Carlianne. (That one's on the "Songs to Learn With" page, renamed "God Loves You, Sweet Baby.")  Other songs are simpler and more familiar, like the ones to the tunes of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Do, Re, Mi," and "Edelweiss."
We also produced a tape to go with it - well, actually I did the booklet to go with the tape - and our church produced it, but because a few of the songs were not public domain, we couldn't sell or market it; we could only give it within our church for a "donation." (We ran out of the tapes many years ago.) I called the whole thing "Love Lullabyes & Jesus Songs."  This tape is no longer available, but...


Thanks to the computer expertise of my wonderful Uncle Lester, you will soon be able to hear a clip of each song just by clicking on the spinning music note beside each song title!  He recorded all the songs for me onto a CD, and then taught me how to edit them and add links to them on my song pages!  However, they are not working yet because it takes a special program to get them actually uploaded to the server.  Hopefully they'll be working soon!


The booklet is just my own making, and is the size of a sheet of paper folded in half (because it IS), stapled in the middle. I have a limited number of booklets left over, so if you'd like a copy, just send us a check for $4. ($2 of which is a donation for the booklet, which will go to the church that produced it; the other $2 is for shipping.)  Use this Order Form.


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The "Mommy & Baby on Chair"

background and the "Daddy Bear with

Twins" graphics are from:


The Precious Moments "Baby in Cradle" is from:

This is the bear that Helena of the Graphic Garden made at my request for a bear with a THIRD little bear!  Sharnessa and Tory were in the first version (in the lavendar box above), but when Carlianne saw the Daddy bear with just two little bears, she said sadly, "Oooh, where am *I*?!?"  So Helena made this just for HER!




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