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In this area you'll find many recipes that are our family's favorites!  Some we've had for years, and some are more recent additions.  Many are from my mom and mom-in-law, Grandmas and Great-Grandmas, friends, relatives, and neighbors; and a few Dave or I actually made up ourselves.  ALL are ones we enjoy! ~ or I wouldn't have them here!


Part of why I wanted to do this recipe section was for my own children!  If you saw some of my recipe cards and books, you'd see that they aren't too legible  under the stuck-on flour and shortening!  (especially the one for pie crust!)  And if you saw how I cook, you'd know how they got that way!  But rather than writing out 60+ recipes for three children, what better way to pass them along than here at my website?!?


Rather than being arranged by categories, like "cookies,"  "casseroles,"  "salads," etc., I have divided  them into the various months of the year so that you can access just a few each month.  However, only a few recipes are really seasonal.  Like, for instance, you can eat Potato Soup or Porcupine Meatballs any time of the year, but you will most likely do pumpkin seeds in October, Christmas cookies in December, and cold salads and Popsicles in the hotter months.


And my apologies to you who live in the opposite hemisphere from us and therefore experience the seasons in reverse. Like I said, this is primarily for my kids who live in the northern hemisphere, though one of them, Sharnessa, lives a third of the way around the world from us!  In England!  (We're in Washington State in the U.S.!)


And for those of you who like to write up your recipes - that you've found here or elsewhere - onto recipe cards, here are some lovely ones you can download and print out right from a website!  (In fact, these to the right are the actual recipe cards!)  They're at Lisa's website, called "Original Country Clipart"!  She has ALL SORTS of fun and beautiful stuff at her website, including stationery, wallpapers, graphics and more, so click on the recipe cards and check out everything she has to offer! (That's where I got quite a few of the graphics and backgrounds you see here at my website!)


(Much gratitude to the ladies who did all the typing of

these recipes for me:  Jan, Sherri, Lorraine, Deb, and Pattie!)




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I got the "Welcome to My Recipe Page" sign, Pie, Baby

Jesus, Recipe book, Pot of tulips, Watermelon wedge, Wreath,

Turkey, Sun/Cloud, Rolling pin, and Blue-dotted wallpaper from:

Helena's Graphic Garden


... the October pumpkin 'n' acorns from:

Country Graphics by Grandma George


... the Cookie jar, Lemonade, and Sun (for July) from:

Melanie's Heartspun collections


... the Snowy house scene from

Becki's Graphic Garden


 ... the Heart 'n' roses wreath and Recipe cards from

Lisa's Original Country Clipart


... the lovely Victorian picture from:

Victorian Trading Company


...and the cute smiley face from:

Mary's Little Lamb





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