A Homeschool Mom Discovers

the Heart of

Wisdom’s Way

of Learning


 by "Karen"



I believe a lot of this message is about our retraining as homeschooling moms. I read WWOL because of the struggles I was having in my homeschool. I was looking for something to "fix" my kids and my school. What I found was something to fix me! In Wisdom’s Way Marilyn says, "whatever emotions you experience... will be part of God's plan to lead you to begin a wonderful learning process for yourself. If you experience feelings of perplexity; if you feel shaken, overcome, stretched, or even upset, you can be assured that this is to be expected and a necessary part of your learning process." She calls it "disequilibration." I admit I have felt all of these in the past six months.


As I have submitted to God, He has revealed the motives of my heart for the things I do. Many of the things were good, even noble, yet my heart's motives were not good or noble. These wrong things had to go. Yet, the Lord is so good and kind and gentle. He is teaching me to say no – a new experience for me. He has provided a way out of every activity He has asked me to release.


It was only after I allowed the Lord to deal with my heart, at the cross, that I was even able to see the fruit these activities were producing in me and my family. This is an ongoing process, yet I am already seeing fruit...


My son has made a plan for landscaping our backyard so it can be a family place and a place of solitude. We are in the process of doing research on soil and plants so we know what to grow. You have no idea what a miracle this project is. My nickname is "agent orange thumb." I have never met a plant I couldn't kill. My children and I are learning together. I am not teaching them out of my knowledge. They are teaching me how to learn. God is sooo good.


So I guess all this to say: New Wine needs new wineskins. Until we take the time to renew our minds to the Lord's mind-set in an area of our lives, we won't be very discerning. Yet when we make baby steps toward Him, he runs to meet us and show us His way." 


~ Karen H.; Homeschooling mom of 2 for 7 years; FL







[Here’s what Karen wrote to me when

I asked permission to use her letter above:] 


"I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me. If it wasn't for your Senior High: A Home Designed Form+U+la book, I would have never looked at Wisdom’s Way of Learning. I was totally burned out on homeschool, legalism, and home business. I couldn't handle any heavy message and feared Wisdom’s Way would be too much for me in that state of heart and mind. I checked your book out of our church library – it was so refreshing, so timely, and so encouraging. From there I was able to try Wisdom’s Way. So, you see, I am indebted to you because the Lord used you to start it all."  (From Barb:  Wow, Karen!  Isn't it just amazing how the Lord works in such ways to bring about His will!?!)



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