Barb Shelton

speaking at your


Homeschool Convention



My heart is to share with homeschoolers the message of freedom in following Him for how to truly educate the children He has put in our care.  (See my bio further down this page.) 

Here are my requirements, which I am flexible and willing to work with you on:



BOOTH ~ You provide a booth at the curriculum fair  

      (two 6-to-8 foot tables, if possible; with an electrical outlet)


TRANSPORTATION ~ We need you to get us there and back home. 


LODGING ~ at a motel



~ I ask an honorarium of $1,000, but this is negotiable. 

   (Let me know where you're at with this, and we'll discuss it!)


~ Speak a minimum of 3 times a day, 4 times maximum


~ Input on workshop selection and timing.  







Getting more specific:


BOOTH:  We need two 6-foot long tables and one electrical outlet. 



TRANSPORTATION:   Depending on how far away you are, you would cover either:    


AIR FARE:  Flights for two:  myself and one assistant, plus a rental car.  (By the way, we do not consider this "pay," but just getting me there and back.  I mention this only because of those (few) who have actually considered airfare to be "pay"!  Of course it actually IS "pay" ~ but only to the airline company!)   We need to make the arrangements for the flights and car rental, and you reimburse us. Scheduling considerations on our end necessitate our need to take care of this.  We will need to arrive there the day before the seminar, set up the room I'll be speaking in and our booth so that I can be ready to go in the morning.   




CAR TRAVEL:  Mileage, at 50 cents per mile.  Plus parking, if that applies.  We would possibly return home that evening after the conference is over, depending on how far away we are ~ so we're looking at either one or two nights lodging.


LODGING:   We need to stay at a hotel, and mid-range is fine.  (It doesn't need to expensive, but the super cheap ones always have problems... like ants crawling all over the wall right by my bed...   a loud clanky heater, etc.)

       If your conference location is adjacent to a hotel, we ask that we be lodged in that hotel so that I can have a quiet, nearby place of escape during the conference to go and re-group, pray, and gather my thoughts for my upcoming workshops.  This is especially important if the conference does not have a room designated for speakers. 

       (We need to stay at a hotel rather than in a home because I need to be free to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for my upcoming workshops.  We have found that staying in a home is difficult for a couple of reasons:  For one, after a day of teaching, I need to "crash" in privacy and quiet.  Also, almost always when staying at homes, I found myself having to talk late into the evening when I'm already running on "empty". Even just regular conversation is usually overwhelming at that point.  It would be totally enjoyable in a different situation, but not this one.)



SPEAKING / WORKSHOPS:  I would like to speak 4 times each day, assuming you have that many workshop blocks.  This is because it is an inefficient use of time for me to sit at my booth and explain my message to one or two people at a time when I could be presenting it to ~ and connecting with ~ a large group at once, throughout the day.  Click here to see the specific workshop titles I offer. 


          As for which workshops to have me present...  Because my message is multi-faceted, I need to work with you on which ones to present at your convention.  I realize that YOU are the ones with the vision for your event, but on my end, it's important that I come to present the *heart* of my message, and not just the "externals."  So we can talk (or email) about this, and I'll explain it further.  I know we'll be able to come up with a combo that we'll all be happy with!


     (Just to clarify, I don't need to have control of when I speak; I'd just like to be able to work with you.  At one convention, my last two workshops, which were on the how-to's of high school which are at the heart of my high school message, were scheduled at the same time as a Ladies' Tea with a big-name speaker and the preparation time for their Homeschool Graduation Ceremony.  First, I was concerned and disappointed that my workshops were the last two workshops of the convention, when convention attendees are exhausted, and many do not even stay to the end. But these two workshops are my most intense ~ requiring an alert mind.  There's no way the planners could have known this without discussing it with me, but had we discussed this long before the convention, it could have been planned differently.  I do realize that someone has to be last, but what I had a hard time understanding was why a Ladies' Tea with a famous speaker and prep for graduation would be scheduled during any workshops.  Very few came, and those are usually my most-attended workshop topics.)


HANDOUTS:  I will send you my handouts by attached file (if that works best for you), and if you post them at your website ~ for attendees to download and print themselves ~ you are welcome to do that.  (They do this in Oklahoma and it is brilliant!)   Or, if you prefer, you are welcome to copy them for the number of attendees you have coming. 






Here's a


Brief Bio on Barb Shelton


(You are welcome to shorten it if you need to.)



Barb Shelton inadvertently became a "homeschool pioneer" without ever intending to do so.  She, with husband Dave, homeschooled their three children for 26 years, ending only because the youngest graduated (in 2006) and there was no one left to homeschool!  She has written 8 books for homeschoolers and 7 CD's all of which are on topics of vital interest to burning-out as well as brand new and wanna-be homeschoolers.  With vulnerability, humor, and God's Word, Barb has helped hundreds of parents recover from and avoid the pitfalls of listening to the loud and numerous voices of the world, inspiring them to hear the voice of the Lord for their own unique children.  Her heart is to refresh and equip the brethren (and "sisteren") and help them grasp God's vision for the education ~ the true education ~ of their children. 





If, after reading all this,

you are interested in having

me come and speak,

please email me.



(Barb's home address:

182 No. Columbia Hts. Rd.

Longview, WA  98632)








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