Home Maintenance and Repair T.A.S.


(T.A.S. is for "Task Analysis Sheet" which is the same as Skills Check-off Sheet)








Install a lock


Properly hang items on walls


Be familiar with referring to Consumer Guides to evaluate appliances and all home products


Know uses of: various types of screws mounting braces, and their uses, i.e. wood, metal, sheetrock, etc.


Know where your fuse box is and how to replace a fuse or...


Be able to paint walls


Know where breaker box is and how to re-set a thrown breaker


Know the helpful techniques in painting (i.e. brush into the wet paint; not allowing paint to get all the way to the top of brush; uses for different kinds of brushes; when to use a roller (foam or fuzzy), pad or brush.)


Know how to choose interior and exterior paint


Repair wall holes with putty


Know the diff. betw. latex, stain, varnish, etc.


Be able to hang/set up shelves


Use weather and all-purpose caulking


Be able to start a fire and keep it going


Know what to look for in home appliances


Be able to hang wallpaper


Be able to use basic tools such as hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, etc.


Be able to mount molding




Paint house


Remove toilet (to get item out) & replace donut


Paint trims and/or planters (and know how to be neat)


Be able to install new faucet fixture


Know which tools/supplies to have on hand for own needs


Unplug overflowing toilet with plunger


Have a place to store these properly (where they won't rust, and are accessible)


Be able to set up washer and connect to proper water hoses


Clean out gutters


Unclog sink or tub pipe using chemicals


Cut and stack wood, chain saw or or axe (safely and appropriately)


Be able to set up dryer and vent to outside


Know how to dig a hole and set a post for a fence


Be able to change water filter


Know where your natural gas shut-off is located and how to operate it


City: Locate main water shut-off to your home ...OR... Country: Have some knowledge of your well


Know how to pour cement for simple jobs


Shop for and install or replace a garbage disposal


Basic Vehicle Care:


(For complete listing of Vehicle Maintenance & Repair tasks, see "Vehicle Maintenance & Repair T.A.S.")

Basic Flower/Plan Garden & Yard Care

Mow lawn and know how to operate electric, gas powered, or hand-pushed mower


Clean out inside of vehicle (clean out garbage, litter bag, fold blankets, straighten & re-organize organizer caddy & tapes)


Know optimum frequency and height for grass, considering your weather conditions


Know how to wash outside of vehicle (proper equipment and techniques, in different types of weather)


Know how to plant a garden w/ plant/flowers that are appropriate to your area, your sunlight/ shading conditions, to each other (height, compatibility), and to your level of dedication to maintain




Clean/polish dashboard and instrument panel


Vacuum vehicle carpet


Water lawn (frequency for your area; have appropriate sprinklers)


Clean (wash) vehicle carpet


Water garden (and have appropriate supplies)


Wash car windows, inside and out


Know how to weed


Be able to winterize your vehicle; antifreeze, etc.


Be able to administer fertilizer to garden/lawn


Basic Electrical Skills:

Know how to do (and practice!) basic pruning


Change the plug on an electric cord


Be able to identify common pests and how to eradicate


Be able to operate voltage tester


Know when/how to prune ornamental trees & shrubbery


Be able to operate continuity tester


Be able to choose appropriate fertilizer(s) for lawn and garden organic and chemical


Be able to use needle-nose pliers to strip wire




Be able to install new receptacle on existing circuit




Be able to replace ceiling light fixture




Be able to install a dimmer switch




Be able to rewire incandescent lamp




Be able to replace ballast on florescent lamp




Be familiar with your hot water tank




Know your central heating system, ducts, controls




Know your air conditioning system




General wiring skills for telephones




General wiring skills for computer set-up




Be able to get correct light bulb for flashlight





Note from the Author: The book (Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la) presents the heart 'n' soul behind the requirements, how to view and use requirements in general (and not freak out about them, and how to use this form within the context of the whole framework I present for high school. But this at least gives you an idea of what an "Task Analysis Sheet" looks like. 


The above format is a little different from what you'll see in the book only because the chart feature functions differently in my two programs. If it doesn't print out properly, my apologies.


And one last thing: There is a wide left margin when I print out this page from this web format, with some of what's on the right getting cut off.  I have worked and worked with it, and have NO idea how to fix it, so if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to email me at beshelton@aol.com and let me know!)



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