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Main Lobby Options:


1) My Non-chart Main Lobby

works much better for those who don't have Internet

Explorer because you aren't dealing with charts.


2) My Non-chart / Non-graphic Main Lobby

for slower-loading computers. No charts or

graphics; totally boring, but faster





 Article Chart Options:


1) Article Chart- the non-chart version

This is the faster-loading version of the Article Chart;

no charts, so no chance of "overflow" of text between boxes.


2) Alphabetized Article Chart Site Map

This is not any easier to read than the above

option, it's the same thing actually, but is all the articles

in alphabetical order!





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1) Copy and Paste to another document.

One last possibility is to just copy-and-paste the text

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whatever suits your purposes.





NOTE FROM BARB:  I assure you that I have tweaked each and every page at this website to perfection; every one of the 210 pages should be totally perfect in format and very easy to view! I had NO idea when I originally made these pages that the background within a table would not show up in Netscape, or that my charts and tables would be so messed up within it. Unfortunately I had already spent hundreds of hours tweaking everything to perfection before finding out about this non-compatibility of Netscape.  {:-o   Soooo, please forgive me for sounding a little persnickety, but I have to sadly but honestly say that, at this point, I am just not willing to take any more time from my family to again go through all these pages and make them "better viewable" by Netscape. I'm a homeschooling mom myself and my family has already graciously shared enough of me with the homeschool community.    :-)   Since this site is perfectly viewable in Internet Explorer, which is easily and quickly available - for free - for just a few minutes of your time, I need to ask that, rather than asking me to spend many more hours of my time tweaking this site, you take just a few moments of your time to download that. Actually you will find it very beneficial for use with far more than just my site as you'll find there are many another websites that are best viewed in Internet Explorer as well!




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