Favorite Links


The internet is literally swarming with

thousands of wonderful sites. Inclusion in my very

limited list here neither makes them among the best

nor the worst! These just happen to be

some of my favorites!




Friendly Disclaimer: I do not necessarily

agree with or approve of every single word at these

sites; but I DO know you'll be encouraged or

edified in some way at each of them!






 Homeschool Websites:




Kimberly's Korner


Homeschool Links.com





Homeschool Graduation



Homeschool Graduat

Impact Impressions International


Impact Impressions International offers

a wide variety of quality graduation supplies to make

your home school graduation a successful

and life-long memorable event!



Just for Mom:




The site is run by a conscientious fellow by the name of Eddy Salomon, and he works tirelessly to help women like me who are trying their best to make ends meet while raising good kids. Plus, the site has wonderful resources and on-target blog posts.

Thank you so much for reading my note, and thank you for your consideration.

Cheers :)

Maggie Wilson


Complete support for the at-home

motherhood lifestyle.

National Association of At-Home Mothers,

At-Home Mother magazine,

free articles, tips, Info Guides,

and much more!




Science Websites:



Dr. Jay Wile's

Apologia Science:

Excellent resources for high school science!


 Robert Krampf's

Science Education Company

Excellent resources for elementary age! (and older too!)

He sends out a weekly email with a great and DOable

"Science Experiement of the Week"!


TOPS Science

Excellent resources for elementary age!

(again, for older too!)



Romance & Relationships 


God's Way



Christian Courtship Resources - Nathan Bailey




Email Postcards:



  All of these sites have darling postcards

that are a delight to send and receive!  Such a quick

and easy way to brighten someone's day!


Grandma George's


Blue Mountain


   Pat's Web Graphics E-card Greetings


Helena's Posty's


Bowcreek Postcards


   Victorian Museum Art E-Greetings


Christian Postcards


Postcards at Mary's Little Lamb Website


Thomas Kinkade's Postcards 



   For Budding Writers:



This very interesting website is an outlet for new authors

to make their works available to the public while pursuing a

hard publisher.  (as in book publisher)  They also offer for purchase

an extensive collection of e-books with subjects ranging

from Bible Commentaries to Novels. 







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