My Graphics Designers



   Without the amazing talents of the ladies

who have created all the lovely graphics here at

my site, all my pages would be pretty boring

to look at!  All text, all black and white!

No color or beauty! 


I highly encourage you to treat yourself to a visit at each of these web sites when you have a chance!  Visiting these sites is like taking a delightful, refreshing walk through an exquisite garden!  They are ALL lovingly and cheerily designed, each in their unique ways, and you'll feel very welcome and right at home, not to mention refreshed and smiling when you leave.


Note of Pre-Apology

to My Artists:


And to you artists I want to say that you are dealing with a real rookie here, and it is entirely possible that I have mixed up credits or forgotten to give credit where it is due.  I have taken great care to not do this!  But I ask in advance that, if I did, would you please forgive me, but also please let me know!  I assure you it was not intentional!  I have spent hours and hours organizing graphics so that I'd be able to "do it right", but I'm sure I've made some errors and omissions!


Also, I have to confess that I resized a few graphics before I knew that resizing was "altering" them.  I thought altering was changing them in some way, like re-coloring, adding to, cutting out of.  I realize now that changing their size IS indeed considered "altering" by some (most?) artists.  (duh!)  I have tried to check over everything and correct the sizes (back to original), but I wouldn't be surprised if I missed something.  Again, if you are unhappy with anything I've done, please do not hesitate to let me know!  (


Gratefully yours,

Barb Shelton




The red rose and pencil holder (above) came from:



This striped wallpaper came from:


And here are the rest of the artists whose

work I am delighted to display here at my website:






The hearts bar below is from Lisa's:












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