Family's Emergency Preparedness Plan





We were actually thankful for the Y2K concern in 1999

in that it was a catalyst to getting our home, lives and minds

better prepared for an emergency of any kind.


What follows was originally our "Y2K Emergency Plan" but now

that the crisis has passed, I revised it to be just our

Family's Emergency Preparedness Plan:




 Stock up on propane and kerosene.  (NOT "stockpile"; stock up.  There's a huge difference.  Stockpiling is taking more than your share and thus depriving or endangering others.  Stocking up, on the other hand, is having a "reasonable" amount of needed commodities on hand with the intent of caring for your own family and other people God might bring your way, and not burden others because you didn't prepare.)


 Purchase a kerosene and/or propane heater.  (2 or 3 if possible, to better heat all ends of the house)


 Purchase old iron cookware to cook with in the fireplace.


 Purchase a grid to cook on in our fireplace.


 Purchase a generator (enough power for our needs).


 Figure out how to connect generator.  Do a test run to make sure it works!


 Make dried fruit  (apples, bananas, pears, pineapple); store in vacuum-sealed containers.


 Make meat jerky  (elk and deer meat that Dave got) and store in vacuum-sealed containers.


 Stock up on cut firewood. 


 Stock up on flashlights (one per room, minimum) and ample batteries of the correct size.


 Have ample bottled water stored in one-gallon jugs for household and cleaning purposes and suitable for drinking.  (Cleaned jugs; must be changed every few weeks to be acceptable for drinking.)


 Purchase three 15-gallon water containers; fill; change periodically.


 Purchase toilet paper and paper towels and keep ample supply on hand.


 Have ample easy-to-prepare food on hand.


 Get a second propane barbequer.


 Get ample supply of candles, candleholders, and matches.







The candle and the table with the lantern are from:



The twinkling starry background is from




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