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I've provided a short section following the one on how to get our printed catalog called "Heart of Our Message" as a brief intro to our ministry.  It is actually excerpted from the "About our Ministry" and "Comments on Our Stuff" pages here at this website, and the section is just a few excerpts from several other pages here at this website starting at the "Reader Comments Main Page," so if you are just starting out here at my website, they're a good quick synopsis of those pages; if you've already seen those pages, then just skip to the bottom of this page for Page 2 of our flyer.





The Homeschool Oasis

The ministry of Dave and Barb Shelton



How to Obtain Our

Printed Catalog


The only printed catalog we are producing right now is just a two-sided flyer that contains what's on this web page on one side, and the Resources by Barb Shelton on the other side.  We regret that we had to discontinue producing hard copies of our big catalog; we know that some prefer something they can hold in their hands and look through, and those are the ones we feel bad for. But we found after producing a catalog for several years that we no sooner had a new catalog finished and printed, and it was full of outdated information!!!  Books would either raise in price, go out of print, or wholesale arrangements would change to where it was too difficult to obtain the book.  But there such books would be, still in our catalog!  So we would either have to go through all the remaining catalogs, one by one, and make the changes (it doesn't take too long to fix *one* catalog, but multiply that by 100 and it's just too much when you don't have a staff to help with such things.  It finally came down to:  Are we going to have a catalog, or are we going to have a little more peaceful, unencumbered home life?   We opted for "B."    Yup, we know we're a business, and we know you can get catalogs from *other* homeschool businesses, and you are free to do so.  We understand.  This was just a choice we had to make for our own sanity.


We do still have a catalog, though!  It's just that it's all online ~ here at our website.  So if you can handle an online catalog, it is actually the fastest and cheapest option anyway!  (We had to charge $2 for the printed one.)  Our online catalog is right here at this website, and it's completely FREE!    That link takes you to what is actually the "Table of Contents" for our catalog, which is in several sections.    


(By the way, I have added a search feature to the catalog main page to make it easier to find what you're looking for.)


If you would like us to send our 2-sided flyer (with what's below and just the resources produced by us, the Sheltons), please feel free to email me and request one ~ or even several to give away at support group meetings!




The Heart of Our Message



Hello!  I’m Barb Shelton, and along with my wonderful husband, Dave, we operate a ministry to homeschoolers that we call the "Homeschool Oasis" ( out of our home in Longview, Washington. (the real Washington!)  Dave is the back (and funny) bone of our family and of our business and ministry. Without his hard work, dedication, and servant's heart, our ministry would simply not be.  I couldn't even begin to do what I do without him!


Dave and I  have been married since July of 1975, and have been homeschooling since 1982 ~ 19 years as of summer 2001. Our three wonderful children are Sharnessa, 23; Tory (a boy), 22; and Carlianne, 15. We are also the proud and delighted parents-in-law of TWO!  Samuel Sandén, who Sharnessa married on August 19, 2000, and Chrissy Hadaller, who Tory married on August 26, 2000!  (Yes, you read that right ~ one week apart!)  Both Sam and Chrissy already have the place of "cherished son and daughter" in Dave’s and my hearts!


My books and seminars resulted in my inadvertently becoming a "homeschool pioneer." I have written several books for homeschoolers, but that’s the easy part; Dave does all the producing of these books, as well as all the processing of orders, wholesale and retail.  He is truly the "wind beneath my wings," my prayer support, our business manager, and an awesome dad!  Together we are a team.  Without my books and tapes, of course, we would have nothing to offer; but without Dave doing what he does, there would be no offering of it!


All of my speaking and writing is on topics of vital interest to burning-out as well as brand new and wanna-be homeschoolers.  My books and workshops are sprinkled with humor, girded with scriptural truth, and loaded with practical forms, ideas, and encouragement. You'll be challenged, irritated, and moved to laugh, cry, think and re-think your views about education, and best of all, you’ll get set free(er) in Jesus!"  Sadly, most homeschoolers accept "the call" but never walk in this freedom.


All of my resources reflect my "lite" approach to homeschooling that is based on the verse in Matt. 28:11 in which Jesus says "My yoke is easy, my burden light." Using a combination of vulnerability, humor, and God's Word, my heart is to inspire parents to pursue God's unique plan for the education of their children, and I offer much practical help in doing so.


I am especially excited about helping those needing to recover from or wanting to avoid the pitfalls of listening to the loud and numerous voices of the world, and hear the voice of the Lord for their own unique children; to refresh and equip the brethren (the "sisteren") and help them grasp God's vision for the education ~ the true education ~ of their children.



(This was edited from my "About Our Ministry" page

here at my website in May of 2001, so for the "bigger picture"

of what we do, go there!)





Comments on Our Stuff!



"I was so disappointed to have come to the end of your book, as reading it was such a joy and it felt like I was being ministered to by a friend." ~Rhonda Q.; WA



"I've been consuming your book ever since I received it. I can't wait to start applying the things I've read in there. It's just such a freedom to know I'm not locked into using only textbooks for high school. This is the type of schooling I've always envisioned doing." ~Debi B



"I am so thrilled to have discovered your book! It is a wonderful answer to prayer! Your book outlines exactly what I've wanted to do and AM doing, but didn't quite know how to give it authenticity and how to record it. When I showed some of the forms to my kids, they were equally thrilled... I was not at the panic stage, just anxiety, but I knew God would show me how, and He did -- through your book." ~Name withheld



"I just wanted to send a note and thank you for your Jumpstart Navigator for Younger Children and Booklet Building books. I heard you at a Convention last year, and purchased them then. I then filed them for "later reading", which just happened to be last week. I wish I had read them last spring! What a refreshing blessing they have been. ... This is my second year homeschooling our son, now in 3rd grade, but I've felt that I was cramming workbooks down his throat this year, and joy was not a common occurrence! What a wonderful change I've noticed in our family! I'm sure that God was telling us earlier in the year to homeschool him, but I was too afraid to even entertain the thought."  ~Kris




{{{{{HUGS}}}}} I love your list, I love your books, I love how much better my family is doing since last year when I discovered you and Marilyn Howshall. I cannot express how encouraged I have been by your website and the wonderful books you recommend for the Season of Re-education. To think of the ripples of good going down through the generations as my kids go out and affect their worlds ~ it just amazes me.  ...  Just wanted to let you know how much good you are accomplishing in the world. And Megan and her friends all LOVE V*enna!  Tell Sharnessa's she is a huge encouragement, too.    ~ Lorrie





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Resources for Sr./ Jr. High  |  Books by Barb Shelton

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