My Intro to the



Dr. Marshall Foster


I am delighted to be able

to present several resources produced by

Marshall Foster.  I have had the privilege and joy of hearing this man speak in person several times.

If you have not heard his enlightening,

informative, and inspiring seminars,

you are simply missing out!

Allow me to introduce

to you...


Dr. Marshall Foster, nationally recognized historian and best-selling author, a speaker your kids will not fall asleep listening to!!!  


He is the President and founder of the Mayflower Institute, founded in 1976 to inspire and train this generation in the unchanging principles of our forefathers. Most Americans feel trapped in a slowly sinking ship, as the biblically based institutions bequeathed to them continue to erode.


The fundamental problem in America today is that Americans have been cut off from, and have forgotten, the divine foundations of the American success story. The Mayflower Institute produces books, films, and audio seminars for American and worldwide distribution. It is a non-profit, non-denominational educational foundation, solely supported by tax-deductible donations. Your participation in this work can help restore the foundations for generations to come. 


"If the foundations be destroyed,

what can the righteous do?"

(Psalms 11: 3)





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