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Here is one of many emails

I have received that prompted me to put

this page together:



Q:  "Barb, what all would be involved in having you come here to speak to our (small) homeschool group??  I would love to meet you (I am a HUGE FAN )  and was just curious!"




A: The first thing I want to say is that I am honored you would ask!!!     Because, during this season of my life, I am accepting only one speaking engagement a month, it is important that each speaking engagement be "all that it can be.  I no longer do single talks (just a single workshops) at support group meetings unless the location is within about a half hour of my home. It's just too much time and effort for too little "return."  Not that the  individuals aren't each important.    But my time is both extreeeeemely limited and extreeeeemely valuable to me. (Whose isn't, though, right?!?! )

The main thing I am doing now is my own 1-1/2 day conferences.  (Click here to find out about bringing me to your area to do my own conference.)  Each of these are headed up by a (different) homeschool mom who is very enthusiastic about my message and wants it shared with her friends, and is willing to make it worth our investment of time to come.  Here's why...


I put in a whole day just preparing for it, (not counting the years I have already put in just coming up with everything), many hours into coordinating it and doing up a web page, the bulk of another day (all together) for travel to and from (and all that that entails), doing the conference itself, which is a Friday evening and then all day Saturday, and then all the unpacking and reorganizing of everything once I'm back home.


It's the same amount of work whether 10 people come or 100.  So if we are going to put this much into it, we need to know that the coordinator will also do all she can can to get word out within a 3-hour travel radius of the town it will be in.  (People have actually traveled many hours to come, and even flown across several states to attend my seminars, but a 3-hour radius is plenty for advertising.)


See this page for the description of one of these conferences in Washington State! This is pretty much the same thing I would do for you.  We just customize each one for the group's specifics and the coordinator's preferences.
I require that there be a minimum of 50 people at a conference.  This is not hard to do with all the internet communication available at our fingertips.  It just takes some time to search things out and contact people and groups you come across. I would help you with that. One gal who hosted one of these in Arizona knew only a handful of moms herself, but was able to get 100 people there just by spreading the word via email groups!  You would just copy and paste the link to the announcement into all emails you'd send, so it's not like you'd be writing a bunch of stuff for each contact.  And I would make up a web page customized just for your event, which you would be able to give people the link to, and then everything would be there; even a registration form! You'd get me your info ~ like for lunches, registration, hotels, etc. ~ and I'd put it up onto the web page! I'm getting it down to a science!












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