My Hobbies


I really enjoy emailing my friends and family! One reason I like email is because it's so fast to both send and receive, plus it's fun.  If you'd like to email me, just click on the letter above and an email will pop up already addressed to me!

Cooking and Baking

I like putting on my apron and whipping up something yummy in the kitchen.  My favorite things to bake are spaghetti, chocolate chip cookies, and pies.  In fact, I made my first apple pie fall in of 2000!  It was fun!  My Grandpa and Grandma Edtl and Mom and Dad had some and all raved over it.  I hope it wasn't just "beginner's luck"! 

Tole Painting

One hobby which I started when I was about 12 years old is tole painting.  A few of the things I have made are some snowmen, a couple of wall plaque items, and a "Garden Thyme" plaque/hanger (which consists of several pieces) for my Grandma Shelton, who is an amazing gardener. I'm not in to tole painting any more, but it was fun when I did it!

Rubber Stamping


This isn't stamping like mail stamps, it's rubber stamps!  I started doing this in winter of 2000, and it's sooo much fun!  I can make my own cards for my friends and family!  I love being creative!  This is something my Mom and I enjoy doing together.  We also like getting together with other people to stamp.  Click on the picture above and it will take you to the Stampin' Up website!   


I have loved dancing since I started walking when I was a baby.  I've taken lyrical and hip-hop dance from my sister, Sharnessa, and I've taken other kinds of dance like jazz and tap dance from other people.  And I'm now taking hip-hop from Sharnessa! She teaches a few times a week and uses our church building as her studio! Hip-hop is my favorite kind of dance! Sharnessa used to be in a singing and dancing band called V*Enna! In the summer of 2001 Elisa Schmidt, a friend of mine and I got asked to be back- up dancers for V*Enna! So we got to dance in five concerts in three different states! It was SO much fun!

Choreographing Dances

Choreography is part of, but not the same thing as just dancing because choreography is the art of creating dance!  I have choreographed parts of a few dances in the past few years. I got asked to teach hip-hop and a school for a month, and I got to choreograph part a dance for that! Most of the dance were dance moves I learned from Sharnessa! My friend, Heidi, and I choreographed a tap dance for a Christmas party that her Dad's work was having at Skate World (a roller skating rink), and we performed it there on the rink! It was really nerve-racking, but fun!




My Interests

Space, Stars, Planets

I think stars, planets, galaxies and space are absolutely amazing!  It just puts me in awe of how big and complex the universe and all the planets and stars are, and how AWESOME and BIG and POWERFUL God is!  It is SO much fun learning about space, and finding out all kinds of interesting things about it!  I like to look at pictures of stars, galaxies and planets!  We have a big trampoline in our yard, and I love to lay on it on a clear night and look at the stars with my family or friends.  I also like finding out how many light-years away the various planets, stars, and galaxies are! 


I love singing. I've sung in public a few times on our church/youth worship team. The first time I sang in public was at my church on new years eve of 2000.  I helped lead worship with my Mom, my sister, Sharnessa, and my sister-in-law Chrissy!  It was so fun!  I also love singing with my friends just for fun, at home, or with a CD.  I started singing when I was a very little girl.  In fact, my Mom says that when I was only one year old, I was constantly singing songs I had made up!  No one could understand them, but we all enjoyed them!  She always knew where I was in the house because sound (songs or jabbering) were always coming out of my mouth!


I absolutely LOVE traveling with my friends or family!  My family and I used to drive to the beach once a year, which is a 1-1/2 hour drive, and we'd stay in a hotel for a couple of days!  We always made sure the hotel we stayed at had a heated indoor pool so that we could look forward to swimming sometime during our stay!  In 1995 my family and I drove to West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada!  It's the second biggest mall in the world!  It was an eighteen-hour drive, 1,000 miles away, but we made it a two-day drive!  And in 1997 we flew to San Francisco.  We went to the Jelly Belly factory and lots of other places!  In 1998 I flew to New York (with another girl whose sister was a nanny and friends with my sister) to visit Sharnessa, who was a nanny at the time.  I got to meet the people that she nannied for!  I also got go up in the Empire State Building twice and see and do other fun stuff too!  In March of 2000 I flew to London, England to visit Sharnessa, who had moved there in 1998.  It was a twelve hour flight, some aspects of which were fun and exciting, but some weren't.  While I was there I got to see Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Saint Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace! In February of 2001 I flew up to Alaska for my cousin's wedding!  Alaska was beautiful and so was the wedding!  I don't get to see them very often, so it was fun seeing my relatives up there again! I got to go skiing on the last night of my visit there! It was SO cold but SO fun! In the summer of 2001 I flew up to Alaska again to work for my uncle whose and attorney at law. Just a couple of weeks after I got back from that trip, my friend Elisa and I flew to Nashville, TN to do back-up dancing for V*Enna! (See my dancing section on this page) In March of 2002 my Mom, Dad and I flew down to


There are a lot of reasons why I like Sweden, one of which is because that's where my brother-in-law (Sam) is from!  He was born and raised there, and even served in the Swedish Air Force.  I would LOVE to go to Sweden before too long!  Sweden is about the same physical size as California, and 8.9 million people live there.  They have about 100,000 lakes!  I'm putting together a notebook about Sweden that I'll be working on throughout my high school years.  Here are some of the topics that are in my notebook:  Friends and Relatives, The Language, Education, Holiday Traditions, Government, Photos of Sweden, and The Flag.  Clicking on the flag above will take you to Helena's page about Sweden at her website!  Helena is my Mom's favorite web graphic artist, who just happens to live in Sweden!

Organizing Things

I enjoy organizing things like my shoes, make-up, and room.  I like having my homeschool activities organized, so my Mom makes up a Weekly Plan for me at the beginning of each week.  I keep this on a clipboard and check things off as I get them done.  To see an example of it, click on the little clipboard above!  And just because I like to organize my room doesn't mean that it's always organzed! 


Some of my favorite books I've read are I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, His Perfect Faithfulness, Romance God's Way, and When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy.  One that I'm still in the process of reading is The Chronicles Of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  Here's a link to Eric and Leslie's website!  And here's a link to Josh Harris' website.  One reason I like reading is because, as with The Chronicles Of Narnia, it takes you to another whole world.  It's so exciting to read, and it keeps me on the edge of my seat sometimes!  As for the other books above, I enjoy reading about godly romantic love stories, and how to pursue relationships in a way that pleases God.  And I like reading about these authors when they were younger, and how and when they met.




My Favorite Things

Platform Shoes

 Picture of shoe

I have a ton of shoes!  I especially like platform shoes, and so does my sister, Sharnessa!  Actually, she is the one I got my love for normal and platform shoes from!  As she puts it:  "I can go from 5'6" to 5'9" in seconds!  And I can even dance in them!"  Click on the shoe to go to!

Sitting By the Fire

 I love to sit by our fireplace at home with my family.  It's so cozy, especially at night in the winter when it's stormy out!  I like to curl up in a blanket and lay on the floor near the fire!  I enjoy coming inside from the cold after playing in the snow and getting warmed up by laying on the floor and putting my feet on the hearth and drinking hot cocoa!


My sister, Sharnessa (left above), was in a Christian pop band called V*Enna, with another girl, Lucy Britten, (right above).  She's was in the band for about two years.  Sharnessa, and her husband, Samuel Sandén lived in Manchester, England for about a year.  Sam was the road manager of V*Enna, he's REALLY good with stuff like that!  When Sharn and Sam lived so far away, I missed them a lot, but I got to see them about every few months, so that's good!  If you'd like to go to the official V*Enna website, just click on the picture above ~ which just happens to be their CD cover!  I've seen them in concert a few times and they're amazing singers and dancers, and they TOTALLY love Jesus!  I even got to perform with them! (to here more about that, go up to my dancing section!) Their CD is for sale NOW; it's great!!!  Click here to go to a page you can buy it.

My Siblings

I LOVE my brothers and sisters!  I started out in life with just two siblings.  My sister, Sharnessa, is nine years older than me; my brother, Tory, is 7-1/2 years older than me.  But in August of 2000 I went from two to four siblings in just one week!  Sharnessa and Sam got married on August 19th, 2000, and Tory and Chrissy got married one week later, on August 26th, 2000!  Sharnessa and Sam are now living here in Longview, Washington, and are Father's House's (my church) youth leaders! Tory and Chrissy live in Longview as well! I LOVE having my whole family living here in town! Sam and Sharnessa met at I.B.I.O.L., (International Bible Institute Of London).  Which is a Christian college in London, England.  Sam's family, from Sweden, came for the wedding and stayed with us at our house for two weeks before the wedding.  That was REALLY fun having them here and meeting them!  If you want to see the above picture bigger, just click on it!




My Favorite Activities


I have enjoyed skiing ever since I first learned when I was seven years old.  I have been skiing with my sister, brother, Dad, friends, and church youth group.  All of that adds up that I've been skiing a bunch of times!  One of the reasons I love to ski is because I like to go fast!  I also like being with our family or friends when we go!  My favorite places to ski at are White Pass in Washington state, Ski Bowl at Mt. Hood in Oregon, and Alyeska near Anchorage, Alaska.  You can click on the picture and it will take you to a skiing website!

White Water Rafting


I love going white water rafting in the summer with friends and/or family.  The water is so cold, but it's still really fun, especially when the weather's hot, as it almost always is over there east of the mountains in Oregon!  The first time I went was when I was seven years old.  I've been white water rafting several times and we try and go at least once a year, but that doesn't always happen.  We do this as part of our Edtl Family Reunion almost every year.  Clicking on the picture above will take you to the website of Rapid River Rafters, on the Deschutes River ~ which we're on in the picture!  Click here to see a (MUCH!) bigger version of the picture above ~ which, by the way, was when I was only seven years old!  That's me front and center!

Water Parks

In 1995 my family and I went to West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Canada, the second biggest mall in the world!  It was soooo much fun!!!!  We went to the water park above!  It's HUGE!  Actually the whole mall is huge!  We also have been to Wild Waves/Enchanted Village in Federal Way, Washington and the water park at Six Flags in Colorado! At Enchanted Village they have many water slides in the water park and lots of rides including a FUN roller coaster in the amusement park.  Wild Waves is actually part of Enchanted Village; they're right next to each other.  To read more about West Edmonton Mall, I've written a little bit about it on my Places I've Been page, or to find out even more about it you can go to West Edmonton Mall's website.  We've also been to the Oasis Water Park over in Kennewick, Washington, where they have lots of slides too!  Being east of the mountains, it's usually nice and warm over there! And we've been to a water park over in Spokane Washington!

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are so fun!  I've been to the West Edmonton Mall amusement park which is in Edmonton, Canada.  One of the rides there is a thirteen-story drop.  It was so scary, but so fun!  Another one of the rides was a boat that goes up-side-down, which was a blast!  They also have a roller coaster, but I was too little to go on it; I was only eight years old.  They have a lot more rides; those are just a few of them.  To find out more about West Edmonton Mall click here.  I've also been to Enchanted Village where they have a "Ring of Fire" ride that goes up-side-down, and a shooting star ride that goes up really high, and a roller coaster that goes up-side-down three times.  My friend and I liked it is SO much that we went on it again and again!  They have lots of other rides too!  You can go to their website by clicking here! The latest and best place I've been to is Six Flags in Colorado Springs, CO! They had so many roller coasters! One of them was called the Boomerang. The name for that is 'cause is pulls you up backwards slowly and then lets you go upside-down a couple of times, and then you do it all over again from the other end of the ride, but this time you going backwards! It was SO much fun!  I went on many rides there, but absolute favorite one was the XLR8R! If you didn't pick that up that's short accelerator. How the ride goes is first, you put a harness on, and then you walk out and onto a platform that slowly takes you about six or so feet up and then the people working there hooked my Dad, my brother, Tory and me up to a cable and


One of my favorite malls to shop at is Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon.  My favorite people to shop with are my friends and my sister, Sharnessa.  One thing I love to shop for is clothes.  (I LOVE clothes.)  Some of my favorite stores to shop at are Payless ShoeSource, Old Navy, Claire's Boutique, Rave, and Target.  If you click on the picture above it will take you to the Old Navy website!


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Note from an older



I wrote and designed my web pages when I was about 12 or 13, so most of them are quite outdated as far as what my hobbies and interests are now.  But I am keeping them here, as they were back when I wrote them, because it's all still part of my past and who I am now.





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