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About the Y2K Problem



"Y2K": Its redeemed meaning

(May I suggest you begin here?!? J There's a fun photo of me

at age 4 about halfway down the page)


   Y2K:  Unaware?  Scared?  Or Prepared?

(My opinion on the whole Y2K thing, for what it's worth,

 which isn't a whole lot J)


Our Family's Basic Y2K Readiness Plan

(such as it is; we've still got more to add)


Links to some helpful, informative sites

(I'd like to challenge you who have not yet taken this

Y2K thing seriously to read this before going on.)


  Quick Explanation of the Y2K Problem

(This is from another website. A good, brief intro.)


  J Some Great Y2K Humor J

(But this better not be the only Y2K category you visit!)


  Y2K Prayer - based on Psalm 139

(Really good!  Funny, but very real.)


  Resources we highly recommend

(and were recommending long before we ever sold them!)



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