Engagement Announcement



Lee Shelton






The Wedding will take place on

Saturday, August 19th, 2000

On September 3rd, 1999, Samuel

proposed to Sharnessa with the Tower Bridge

in London sparkling with approval in the background.

Sharnessa said "yes" which we, her parents are

thrilled about (as if she would have said no) because

Sam is a delight to know and has already found

the place of "son" in Dave's and my hearts. We are

delighted to be gaining him as a son!  In Sharnessa's own words: "After 7 years of waiting and praying

for my Man, (she chose to not enter the dating scene),

God has blown me away with "The One"; My

Knight in Shining Armor, my Prince, my precious fiancé, Samuel Sandén. He's more amazing than

I ever could have dreamt of; so worth the wait!"

We are so pleased with our precious daughter

for having saved her whole heart for "The One"

and are delighted about this marriage!  




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