Lab Science: 

The How, Why, What,

Who 'n' Where Book

by Barbara Edtl Shelton


When I was first deciding what to do about this subject for my own kids, I started interviewing (interrogating and quizzing) people l knew and didn't know as to what they would recommend.  I did questionnaires on homeschool message boards on the internet, asking for people with and without science backgrounds for their perspectives.  I called and wrote to several science teachers and authors  -  like Kathleen Julicher, Janice VanCleve, Jane Hoffman the Backyard Scientist, Mike Bolinsky of "Science Labs-in-a-Box", Ron and Peggy Marson (creators of TOPS), Kerry Reuf author of The Private Eye).  I contacted several respected homeschool leaders like Ellyn Davis of Elijah Co., Diana McAlister (author of Homeschooling the High Schooler), Mary Schofield (author of The High School Handbook), Cathy Duffy (author of Christian Home Educators Manual for Jr./Sr. High), Marilyn Howshall of Lifestyle of Learning... getting their perspectives and recommendations as well.  


WOW!!!  What a wealth of information I found!  It was eye-opening, fascinating, helpful, overwhelming and confusing, all at the same time!  But my over-riding thought was that homeschooling parents need to hear what I've heard to make the best decision(s) for their own children!  So I proceeded to put it all together for you...





The first half of the book, "Excerpts from the Experts" is filled with the insight and encouragement of of over 30 science and homeschool experts, which will take you far in becoming equipped and confident to make decisions you never thought you could make!  


This book will help you view Lab Science in an entirely different light, and shed God's light on the subject as well!  


It gives you rich food for thought and many practical hands-on ideas to use in formulating your own lab science class.  


In another section there are several sample frameworks and fundamentals for a variety of Lab Science courses, from "natural" to "traditional" approaches.  


Plus there are many helpful record-keeping and lab science notebook forms to help you organize your materials and activities, and coordinate (or even create from scratch) your own course of study, with and without college on the horizon. 


A whole section lists many traditional and non-traditional resources books, audio tapes, videos, and lab science supplies from which you can draw.  



There are many wonderful (non-textbook) books "out there" available for use with science, but the tendency at the high school level is to just toss all those aside and head for textbooks.  What a waste of excellent resources!  This book will help you utilize what you already have and determine what you really need to get!  It is guaranteed to replace the "jitters" with delight and practical help and direction!  Worth its weight in Au!  (the Periodic Table name for gold.)  [Softbound / 160 pages / $11.95]




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P.S.  I just have to tell you...  we never did the test tube stuff as pictured here.  That's chemistry, and our focus was more on several other areas of science.  But it does make a nice graphic for my lab science page, don't you think!?  Just didn't want to mislead you!  ... However, we DID see something like the paramecium that you saw at the top of the Lab Science Helps and Resources Page) on a "Microscope Video" by Warren Hatch.  We used to carry that, but unfortunately he has discontinued production of it!!! 



I got the graph paper background from Helena's:


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