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The articles in this section cover an interesting potpourri of issues and concerns that homeschoolers typically have that don't really fit into any other section.  But lest you think me too brief, the typical concerns and issues are not limited to what I have included in this section!...


There are also quite a few additional concerns and issues, like college, testing, accreditation, reluctant homeschoolers (the kids, in this case), dating vs. courtship, homeschool graduation, dual enrollment programs, child training, legalities, rebellious kids, bringing kids home from school (or from too much "school at home") and then transitioning to home education, just to name a few.  But these are covered in other sections of the Article Chart since they fall under specific categories, like "High School Homeschooling," "Legal, Testing & Government Issues," and "To Enhance Relationship with & Discipline of Children," to name a few.  You can see the rest for yourself out on the Article Chart.


I hope these articles will help, inform, and inspire you as you continue educating yourself in this huge arena called "education."  As you become "enlightened," I assure you that you will find your load becoming lightened and the path before you becoming lighted!




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