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Barb Shelton 



creator/developer of

the Homeschool Course:







Barb Shelton is:


a 24-year homeschool veteran ~ who lived

(and quite happily so) to tell about it!!! 


And that's not my age ~ just how long we homeschooled!!!  (I'm 61 ~ as

of Autumn 2013 ~ in case you want to know, I'll save you the math'.)


Author ~ of many practical homeschool books and CD's

(Click here to see them.)


Homeschool Speaker ~ at numerous homeschool con-

ventions and her own homeschool conferences since 1985

(Click here to see my Speakers page.)


Wife ~ of one really awesome guy (Dave) for 38 years!


Mom ~ of 6 really awesome kids ranging in age from

24 to 36 (as of Autumn 2013 ~ 3 by birth + 3 more by marriage!)


Grandma ~ of three precious grandpunkins


And here is an interview Old Schoolhouse Magazine

did with me a few years ago: (Click on the logos box to see it.)




Here are a couple of pictures of all of us:

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