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The following has been excerpted

from my article "Help! I Need to Homeschool,

But Have NO Idea Where to Start!" which is here

at my website. So if you've already carefully

read that, you don't need to read this.


It is imperative that you be willing to shed old ways of thinking. Until you do, God will not be free to breathe His new life into your situation. You cannot insist that the traditional school methods and curriculum be brought home" and still discover God's way out of this situation.


Homeschooling will be a complete waste of your time and resources, totally fruitless, ineffective and pointless if you do not approach it with this open attitude. I assure you, though, that not only is it well-worth the effort, it is the only way out of your frustrations. I know families who have made drastic and wonderful changes that resulted in transformed children and parents, but they had to started with this heart.


True education is about growing the whole child: his mind, yes, but also and primarily his heart, soul, and character -- these are his real, most fundamental educational needs. If left unattended, or way down at the bottom of the list, all other efforts are in vain.


A Nutshell version of the hundreds of comments I have received from homeschool moms follows: 


"I can't thank you enough

for getting me started a different (from the

traditional, binding, burning-out norm) path

of homeschooling!"


"I have avoided so many pitfalls that my

homeschooling friends are now stuck in and are having a hard time getting out of!"


"What a joy and relief to have

started out on the peaceful, tailor-made

path God has for my family!"


I don't care if you ever come back and thank me, I just want a clear conscience, and to be able to sleep at night! :-) The people I'll be able to help are those who are open-minded and willing to approach homeschooling as God would have them do it. If this is your heart, I can help you get onto a path of finding out what that means for you and your family.


God doesn't have a one-size-fits-all plan for all families! This could be one of the most exciting adventures you have ever undertaken! God's ways are not easy, but they are more rewarding and joyous than we can possibly imagine!!!




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