So Is Real-life Learning

the Same Thing as

Delight-Directed Learning?



by Barbara Edtl Shelton



I would say that "delight-directed learning is a "subset of "real-life learning."  Many activities "qualify" as real-life learning, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily "delight-directed." Real-life learning is any learning that happens in a real-life setting, for real-life purposes, in a real-life manner.  It "can" look schoolish, but typically does not, even though its results are more effective.  The reason it is more effective is that the learning "sticks."  It is "in context" with the learner's real life!  It has a foundation (the person's own life) and a purpose (the person's own purposes).  It is not done merely for the sake of "fulfilling a requirement" although it may very well inadvertently doing so.


Delight-directed learning, while definitely real-life based, is learning that is based in a person's delight... or bent... or passion.  It is anything that originates within the heart of a person.  Real-life learning may or may not be so. 


Both kinds of learning are much more desirable than mere "rote learning" or learning just to satisfy an "educational agenda" of someone who is outside the context of the person's real life.


Listed below are links to three articles that will help you get a fuller understanding of what  "delight-directed learning" is.  I encourage you to read all three articles as they will each give you quite a different perspective, which will aid you in gaining a well-rounded understanding of it.  This is of primary importance in true education.  I cannot emphasize enough that this is not just a "nice option."


And, by the way, I want to also mention that "delight-directed" is not to be equated with "flesh motivated."  "Delight-directed" learning is much deeper and better, and has to do with what has God put in the heart of each individual, relating to His purpose for putting them here on earth.  Delight-directed learning at its best is one of the most satisfying things on earth as it connects a person with his very purpose for existence and taps into the very depths of his heart and soul!



   by Marilyn Howshall


  by Gregg Harris


   by Barb Shelton




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