Honors Diploma



by Barb Shelton



Someone on the Senior High Form+U+la List asked for input (from anyone, not just me) on what’s involved in earning an "Honors Diploma" through the school system. Another mom posted an answer (about a mile long) with all the requirements, adding that it probably wouldn’t be too hard for a homeschooler to fulfill most of them.


Without even looking at the requirements, I had a "gut reaction" that I felt compelled to share...


I hope I won't seem like a "wet blanket," but when this topic first came up, something inside me kind of cringed, and I wasn't sure what it was. As I ponder it, I realize that I don't have a problem with the idea of an honor diploma itself, but I guess I just want to interject a little "heart check" here. 


I think what bothers me about the idea of an honors diploma boils down to this: What I talk about so much in my stuff is the idea of pulling out of – unplugging from – "The System."  The concept of an "honors diploma," to me, infers that not only is there not an "unplugging" taking place, but the desire is very present to get to the top of this system, to attain what it considers to be of value. The whole foundation of my message is striving after what is "honorable" to God, not to the world.


Perhaps your student may be wanting to get a scholarship within the system, and that's why they want an "honors diploma," but I guess I just want to challenge us all to make sure our hearts are right in the midst of doing so. I'm not saying a person's heart isn't right just because they want to get an honors diploma; I'm just wanting to help make sure their heart is in the right place.


And the price to attain this "honor" is very high!  Looking at the requirements, much of what I saw listed throughout them is very binding, very worldly-minded, and very "system-ish."  I personally don't think there isn't any way you could "please both God and man" in fulfilling most of them. (With some, you could; many others, no way.)  These requirements could far too easily become "Lord" of your child's education without you even knowing it.  You will attain to them rather than to what God wants for your child, and the manner in which He wants you to get it!


So again... what do you think I'm going to say?  Yup...



Hear GOD!






To my above answer, one mom responded:


"Thank you, Barb,

for being a

"wet blanket" and

for helping me to

be able to

breathe again!"






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